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Liu Jie, who had been Sequence #39 in the Radiance Hundred Sequence two years ago, was considered to have a small fortune. His wealth accumulated in a year of competition and missions could add up to a few million Radiance dollars. However, he had used most of the Radiance dollars to raise his Insect Queen’s grade or quality.

The resources that spirit qi professionals needed to consume to nurture their feys was a bottomless pit. The stronger the expert, the more resources they would need to consume.

Nevertheless, Liu Jie looked at the furniture that Lin Yuan took out with a wave of his hand and felt his fundamental values toppled.

The jade-like furniture had always been a luxury in the Radiance Federation.

One hundred years after the Spirit Qi Awakening, jade was divided into two kinds—jadeites formed by ores or nephrites formed by jade-like wood.

Jadeites were expensive in the Radiance Federation, as they were considered a relatively rare spiritual ingredient, but nephrites were much more expensive than jadeites.

Before the Spirit Qi Awakening, there were many jadeites in the underground ore veins. After the Spirit Qi Awakening, the jadeites absorbed the world’s spirit qi and contained different functions.

Before the Spirit Qi Awakening, nephrites simply did not exist. In environments with extremely rich spirit qi, they could allow the wood surface to turn into jade, forming a thin outer layer of nephrite, which was extremely rare.

The wooden materials that formed the furniture Lin Yuan had taken out had completely turned into jade, and not just on the surface. The furniture had a uniquely mellow and transparent feeling of a nephrite.

It seemed to be able to filter the sunlight, dispersing it and turning into a gorgeous corrugated circle of light that reflected on the body as if a person was immersed in tranquility and gentleness.

Lin Yuan had taken out a lot of furniture this time. People would not bear to auction the jade-like furniture in Star Web’s Treasure Pavilion.

Although they did not have any special functions, they were luxury items wildly sought after in the Radiance Federation.

If Liu Jie had lamented at Wen Yu’s profligacy before, when he saw Liu Jie take out the furniture, he then understood.

Compared to this jade-like furniture, the money that had been spent on flattening the land and building the manor was only a small amount.

Lin Yuan currently did not expect that this ordinary furniture would actually turn out to be like that after being placed in the Spirit Lock spatial zone for some time. Even though Lin Yuan was not as surprised as Liu Jie, he still felt a little surprised upon touching the jade-like furniture.

However, Wen Yu was used to it, so she did not think that the furniture was remarkable. In her opinion, it was reasonable for Lin Yuan, the Radiant Moon Palace’s Young Lord, to have such things.

Lin Yuan and Liu Jie moved the jade-like furniture into th

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