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Liu Jie’s heart leaped when Lin Yuan broke the agarwood earlier. Other people with this jade-like agarwood would probably be afraid of breaking them, so they would cautiously store them and pass them down as a family heirloom.

However, Lin Yuan had actually broken it in his hand and used it.

Liu Jie had experienced the shock a few times before, so he was unconsciously used to it.

As compared to Lin Yuan using the jade-like agarwood so easily, he was more concerned about the azure blue bird standing and wheedling on Lin Yuan’s ear.

As a spirit qi professional who had comprehended a Willpower Rune, he could distinguish if a fey was a Fantasy Breed more clearly than ordinary spirit qi professionals. This was because Fantasy Breed feys emitted the Willpower Rune’s scent. To put it bluntly, they carried the world’s willpower on them.

Thus, when Lin Yuan summoned Chimey, Liu Jie could see that it was a Fantasy Breed. Liu Jie felt that Lin Yuan was like a veil of mist that could never be seen clearly.

When he had first met Lin Yuan and became his retainer, Liu Jie knew that Lin Yuan could heal his Insect Queen and was a Class 2 Creation Master. But after interacting with him, Lin Yuan had refreshed his perception, especially this Silver Fantasy Breed avian fey.

However, Liu Jie thought little of it, as he had long positioned himself as the strongest shield in front of Lin Yuan.

The better Lin Yuan’s talents were, and the stronger he was, the more he would encourage Liu Jie. This let him know he needed to work hard again and again to improve his strength. Otherwise, he might not even be qualified to become a shield over time.

Wen Yu looked at the young man, who was playing with the azure blue bird on his ear, through the white mist that rose from the agarwood in the incense burner and felt an indescribable feeling.

The hard work that she had put in for the past two months was more than just gratitude to the young man in front of her. Rather, she had gotten a new lease of life from one of his choices. What she needed to do was to fight for this new lease of life. At the same time, she was very grateful to herself for being optimistic about life.

Without her former self, how could this cheerful young man before her eyes have chosen her?

As the agarwood burned in the incense burner, its smell made it seem as if time had stopped. The quiet scene reflected the bright light from the jade-like furniture and the unspeakable quietness of the passage of time, which was disturbed by the takeout delivery.

After eating lunch, Wen Yu went to rest.

Liu Jie was going to buy some daily necessities and also spiritual ingredients with grades. As Lin Yuan’s retainer, he naturally had to live in the manor with him, so the manor was also considered his home.

Naturally, he could not order takeout for all his meals. Although it might be troublesome for him to cook sometimes, food’s fragrance could make the house cozi

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