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Lin Yuan placed the egg in Red Thorn’s corrosive cavity for it to hatch. He conveyed his thoughts to Red Thorn through his spiritual fluctuation, and it soon understood his intention.

It used the thornless vine to wrap the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee’s egg in his hand. It did not place it in its corrosive cavity but into the Mouth of Relinquish.

When it swallowed the egg in its Mouth of Relinquish, Lin Yuan immediately fed Red Thorn with the dimensional lifeforms’ flesh from the Diamond fey storage box. He selected a lot of Class 3 alien insect flesh with strong acidity and fed them into its Mouth of Relinquish.

When Red Thorn evolved into Bronze, Lin Yuan chose Class 3 dimensional lifeforms, which were akin to Gold feys’ flesh, for it. After that, he started channeling the spiritual power within his body and made the Mouth of Relinquish quickly absorb the flesh energy.

When the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee hatched, it would immediately build its nest.

Lin Yuan did not know how much energy it would take, but it was being prepared.

After an entire day, Red Thorn stopped eating quickly and absorbed the Class 3 alien insect flesh’s energy at normal speed.

Upon seeing that, Lin Yuan stopped channeling his spiritual power. He had consumed a lot of spiritual power to help the Mouth of Relinquish digest the dimensional lifeforms’ flesh.

At that moment, a thumb-sized gray bee crawled out of the Mouth of Relinquish’s flesh-like petals. It still seemed very fragile, but the two stingers on its forelegs, as well as the stinger at the end of its abdomen, seemed sharp enough as they flashed with cold light.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check it and found that the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee was a Normal I/Normal source-type lifeform.

However, he was surprised when he looked at it because Red Thorn had devoured a huge amount of Class 3 alien insect flesh and absorbed ten times the flesh energy it would need in one day.

In other words, the newly hatched Acid Corrosion Queen Bee had used a huge amount of the dimensional lifeforms’ flesh energy to build its nest.

Lin Yuan did not know what kind of nest it would build. This was because he could not enter the Mouth of Relinquish to see the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee’s nest. However, he could sense through Red Thorn that the nest was not small.

The Acid Corrosion Queen Bee used the digestive fluids condensed into acid crystals to build this nest, which was a huge project. When it finished building its nest, Lin Yuan sensed Red Thorn, which had a bloodline connection with him, form a contract with the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee.

He did not know what kind of contract it would choose to form with Red Thorn right after building its nest.

What kind of degree could this contractual relationship reach?

At that moment, Lin Yuan found that the contract between Red Thorn and the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee was simply harsh.

If Red Thorn was a queen that looked down on the wor

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