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Chapter 89: An Important Person

The dean of the Royal Capital Advanced Spirit Qi University’s Creation Master Academy stood there while twirling two jade spheres in his hand. He looked at the Creation Master Association’s Vice President and said, “Old thing, right now, even the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association is inferior to our academy when nurturing Creation Masters. Therefore, the No.1 young Creation Master of this generation isn’t from your association. He is from our academy!”

After criticizing, the elder with the jade spheres laughed heartily. It was a burst of very forthright laughter, and it was genuinely from the bottom of his heart.

However, it was also this laughter and angered the Vice President of the Creation Master Association so much that his body was shaking gently. He was obviously quite enraged.

“You old thing, what is there worth being happy for?! In the end, Long Tao is registered as a Class 3 Creation Master under our Ascending Dragon City’s Creation Master Association. He is still considered a member of our Creation Master Association.”

The Dean from the Creation Master Academy had stopped twirling the jade spheres too and said in a flabbergasted tone, “You idiotic old man are too shameless! How can you even say something like that!? Shouldn’t you ask if the Ascending Dragon City’s Creation Master Association admits if they are on the same side with your Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association? If you can say it like that, then I can also say that all the students in the federation are students from our academy!”

Creation Master Associations between cities had a competing relationship as they would strive for more resources for their city’s Creation Masters. When a Creation Master participated in the city’s Creation Master Association exam, they would be recorded as the city’s Creation Master.

The Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association might be in the Royal Capital and was just like a headquarters for all the Creation Master Associations, but the truth wasn’t so. Instead of saying they were the headquarters, it was better to say that they were the top rival for each Creation Master Associations.

The two elders started a dispute as soon as they met under the Leaning Moon Mountain. It made Cheng Rui and Long Tao rather embarrassed.

Cheng Rui didn’t dare to mention that he was the No.1 young Creation Master in front of Long Tao. In fact, he was no longer proud of his title like before and actually felt rather ashamed.

However, Long Tao was obviously not planning to let go of Cheng Rui. “I have watched your interview on the Star Web. You don’t look the same as you do in real life as compared to the Star Web. On the Star Web, you look as though you are really the leader of the young generation!”

Long Tao might be speaking indifferently, but this statement was more like a heavy punch as compared to the slaps earlier. Cheng Rui was so agitated that his expression t

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