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Elder Meng and Elder Du definitely knew Ling Xiao. Even as the City Lordess of Redbud City, it still wasn’t enough for Mystic Moon to use the word important. Therefore, the important person mentioned by Mystic Moon could only be this youth standing beside Ling Xiao.

Lin Yuan could obviously feel five pairs of eyes staring at him apart from Ling Xiao right now. While feeling the gazes, he didn’t know any of these people. However, due to respect, he still nodded in response as a greeting.

Ling Xiao originally wanted to make an introduction, but Mystic Moon’s gentle and clear voice echoed. “Everyone is here. Follow me to the Leaning Moon Mountain. Lin Yuan, come beside me. We shall walk together.”

Lin Yuan had already noticed the silver-robed man that spoke. The silver-robed man’s aura was like a torrential undercurrent underneath the deep sea with no signs of ripples on the surface.

Lin Yuan didn’t expect this silver-robed man to actually know him. He looked toward Ling Xiao and saw her make a gulping motion but didn’t say a word. She merely nodded to Lin Yuan.

As such, Lin Yuan walked beside Mystic Moon in a relaxed manner. Mystic Moon let out a bright smile and led Lin Yuan up the mountain.

Ling Xiao walked together with Elder Meng and Elder Du, while Long Tao and Cheng Rui walked by the side. The five of them followed behind Ling Xiao and Mystic Moon.

At that moment, Elder Du and Elder Meng looked at Ling Xiao. She gave Elder Du and Elder Meng an expressionless greeting while saying, “It is what Elder Du and Elder Meng are thinking.”

Elder Meng and Elder Du looked at Lin Yuan with rather complicated eyes. They had a feeling that this youth that made their eyes light up was actually here to harvest the peach. Moreover, from Mystic Moon’s actions, could this Lin Yuan be the person that the Moon Empress had already decided to accept?

Long Tao looked at Lin Yuan with probing eyes. Cheng Rui was looking at Lin Yuan with eyes of jealousy and complication.

After a few questions from Elder Du and Elder Meng, the rest of the people knew of Lin Yuan’s identity. He was the one that had directly passed the Class 2 Creation Master exam in Redbud City.

The Creation Master Association’s reformation started off with Redbud City and was now conducted over the Radiance Federation’s 32 cities. What was the implication of the reformation? Elder Du and Elder Meng understood, but they never expected someone to actually meet such harsh requirements. In addition, this person arrived so quickly!

Long Tao was rather calm on appearance, but Cheng Rui’s face was filled with obvious reluctance to accept this outcome. Cheng Rui gritted his teeth and thought,He is just a kid that passed the Class 2 Creation Master exam. What is so great about that? He might have been lucky at that time. I am already almost capable enough to take the Class 3 Creation Master exam. To crush this kid, wouldn’t it be as easy as playing with toys?

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