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As the City Lordess of Redbud City, it wasn’t exaggerating to say that Ling Xiao had to make use of every minute of the day. All major and minor matters within Redbud City required her attention and decisions.

Previously, when Redbud City had issued the reward to him, Ling Xiao hadn’t appeared personally. It was one of her subordinate officers instead. In Lin Yuan’s opinion, it was already his great honor, nonetheless.

But now, the Redbud City Lordess, Ling Xiao, actually looked for him personally.

Ling Xiao: “Lin Yuan, I am Redbud City Lordess Ling Xiao. Two days later, someone will fetch you from the Xia Region. By then, someone will contact you directly. You might need to make preparations for a long-distance trip.”

When Lin Yuan received Ling Xiao’s message, he used his hands to rub his temples. The message came in a very sudden manner, and Lin Yuan didn’t know the purpose of the trip. The message that Ling Xiao sent didn’t contain any information either. When Ling Xiao sent this message, instead of saying it was an inquiry, it was more of a notification.

Lin Yuan recalled the benefits that Elder Ning had mentioned before. As of now, he had only obtained a piece of land with a store within Redbud City. However, the benefits that Elder Ning had mentioned definitely didn’t refer to this store and land. In other words, this trip might be for a benefit that even Elder Ning would be envious of.

If it was a long-distance trip, Lin Yuan didn’t have much he had to prepare for. If there was anything to prepare, it would be to accumulate more energy ores within the Spirit Lock spatial zone so as to have a constant supply.

Thus, Lin Yuan directly purchased another 10,000 catties of low-grade energy ores and 10,000 catties of mid-grade energy ores from Big Sister Xin.

Low-grade energy ores contained spirit qi that was five times as concentrated as inferior energy ores, while mid-grade energy ores contained spirit qi five times as concentrated as low-grade energy ores.

When purchasing this batch of low-grade and mid-grade energy ores, the price was indeed much higher than the inferior energy ores. However, when purchasing such fundamental resources, Lin Yuan didn’t feel any constraint at all.

When transporting the 10,000 catties of low-grade and mid-grade energy ores into the Spirit Lock spatial zone, Lin Yuan noticed that the Sword Horn Speed Antelope was already standing up on the Pure Land of Bliss.

Lin Yuan approached to check and realized that the Sword Horn Speed Antelope’s injuries had already recovered during this period of time. When the Sword Horn Speed Antelope saw Lin Yuan walking over, it immediately rushed over and stopped in front of Lin Yuan. It extended its tongue to lick at Lin Yuan’s fingers. It was a sign of it thanking Lin Yuan for rescuing it from its severely injured state.

Lin Yuan then took some Bronze Usnea vines and fed them to the Sword Horn Speed Antelope. After recovering, the

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