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Chapter 81: A Reborn Liu Jie

Lin Yuan looked at the time and didn’t know that three days had already passed. After three full days of fey evolution, Lin Yuan could feel the significant increase in his spirit qi capacity.

After glancing at the Bronze Usneas that filled the house, he stood up and stretched his body before walking toward the entrance. He opened the door and saw Liu Jie standing there.

Liu Jie was already different from before as his entire aura had undergone an obvious change. His eyes were filled with vigor and vitality. A living person should have an objective, and even if there wasn’t an objective, there should be a direction. The reborn Liu Jie now had an objective and also a direction.

“Come, enter the house. Have the last three days been smooth?”

Liu Jie nodded.

“I have already done everything I needed to do during the past three days. In the future, I will only be heeding instructions from the Young Master.”

Lin Yuan didn’t correct Liu Jie’s way when addressing himself. After the Spirit Qi Awakening, retainers were considered a new kind of relationship between humans.

Liu Jie was only complying with the etiquette of being a retainer, so there wasn’t a need for Lin Yuan to correct Liu Jie every time.

Lin Yuan then led Liu Jie into the house.

Chimey and Genius immediately ran up Lin Yuan’s shoulder and looked at Liu Jie curiously. Red Thorn, which was still consuming food by the side, had also sensed a stranger entering. That spikeless vine was immediately placed on Lin Yuan. It felt just like an alarm, and once Lin Yuan gave the instructions, Red Thorn would immediately launch out its vines to envelop Liu Jie.

When Liu Jie saw Genius and Chimey on Lin Yuan, and also Red Thorn behind Lin Yuan, he lamented before being envious.

Genius was a small cat with two tails and tender, soft fur while having limbs of uneven length.

Chimey was only half a fist in size and was a small bird with azure blue feathers that had beautiful cloud patterns.

No matter who saw these two little fellows, they wouldn’t be able to know that it was the Hundred Questions Beast, a domestic pet, and also the Songstress Bird that could only sing.

Red Thorn’s sinister appearance was filled with murderous intent, and a single glance was enough for Liu Jiu to know that Red Thorn was a fey with extreme lethality.

Watching how intimate Lin Yuan was with his three feys, Liu Jie involuntarily recalled about his source-type lifeform, the Insect Queen.

Even though Liu Jie knew that Lin Yuan could heal his Insect Queen, before the Insect Queen completely recovered, Liu Jie would remember his Insect Queen, which had transformed into a cocoon due to its near-death state, causing throbbing pain in Liu Jie’s heart.

Liu Jie poured a cup of water for Liu Jie while explaining to Genius, Chimey, and Red Thorn about Liu Jie’s status. Red Thorn finally calmed down and continued to consume food and take in

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