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Ling Xiao was amazed by Lin Yuan’s talent as he was able to comprehend a Willpower Rune just by looking at the sunrise, and she even wanted to trample on Lin Yuan a little. However, she was circulating her spiritual power, using it to isolate the air currents in the sky.

It allowed Lin Yuan to be in the most suitable environment for him to comprehend, while Ling Xiao quietly protected Lin Yuan.

Ling Xiao only withdrew her spiritual power after Lin Yuan opened his eyes. She then said to Lin Yuan in a serious tone, “By comprehending a Willpower Rune, you have taken a step closer to obtaining a Fantasy Breed. But remember my words. If you wish to let your fey become a Fantasy III fey, you must not allow it to become a Fantasy Breed after evolving to the grade of Platinum.”

After hearing Ling Xiao’s statement, Lin Yuan subconsciously asked, “Then what about Fantasy V?”

“I am not exactly sure on how to achieve Fantasy V, but your fey should become a Fantasy Breed during the grade of Gold. Otherwise, unless there is a huge fated opportunity, the fey would only reach Fantasy III.”

Lin Yuan memorized Ling Xiao’s explanation. Such information was truly precious for a combat-class spirit qi professional who had just comprehended a Willpower Rune.

“Then what if a Bronze fey’s Legend quality is upgraded to Fantasy. Would there be a chance to reach Fantasy V?”

Ling Xiao took a deep breath and fixed her eyes on Lin Yuan. “Do you think the difficulty in upgrading a Bronze fey into a Fantasy Breed is the same as to upgrade a Gold fey into a Fantasy Breed? To upgrade Bronze feys to the Legend quality is more than 100 times harder than to upgrade Gold feys to the Legend quality. Even if a Class 4 Creation Master did their best, they might not be able to achieve it. In addition, do you think Willpower Runes are that easy to comprehend?

“Even among the young generation’s Radiance Hundred, not everyone possesses a Fantasy Breed. Most of their feys are either stuck at the Legend quality, or they do not have any Willpower Runes.”

It was true. After becoming a Sequence member of the Radiance Hundred, one could enjoy the Radiance Federation’s resources and also access to Creation Masters.

Even if a Gold fey’s quality couldn’t reach Legend, it shouldn’t be a problem to reach the Legend quality at platinum-grade.

As for Willpower Runes, Lin Yuan didn’t feel any difficulty at all. His three Willpower Runes had come smoothly and naturally without obstructions, just like how he drank water.

Ling Xiao’s words also reminded Lin Yuan something. Subconsciously, Lin Yuan had thought that the difficulty in upgrading a fey to the Legend quality was the same from Bronze and above.

Be it Bronze, Silver, or Gold, as long as the spirit qi reached a certain point, all feys’ quality could reach Legend with the correct combination of spiritual ingredients.

However, Lin Yuan realized he had thought it wrongly. Such situations were on

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