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Chapter 58: Creation Master Association

This matter might have attracted the attention of the entire Star Web, but be it Chimey itself or Lin Yuan, none of them noticed it.

When Chimey was singing, it would still be looking at the messages and the praises that would constantly flow. It wouldn’t bother about the other comments.

Lin Yuan had constantly been making himself stronger and didn’t even know that Chimey had started live streaming on the Star Web.

Genius had completed its study on primary Scholar, Spiritual Ingredient Analyst, and Fey Observer occupations. Lin Yuan saw that there were still three days left before the appointment date with Zhou Jiaxin, so he decided to go for the Creation Master exam.

The Creation Master exam wasn’t conducted on the Star Web. It was conducted in the city, and only the main cities would have Creation Master Associations.

The Creation Master Association for the Redbud City was established within the main city area.

Lin Yuan brought Genius along and rode on a Bronze Black-Winged Windfalcon toward Redbud City.

After taking a ride on a Platinum avian fey, Lin Yuan no longer had the same sensation he had when riding this Bronze avian fey for the first time in the past.

When he arrived at Redbud City, it was already afternoon. Lin Yuan suddenly thought to call Chu Ci out for lunch, but he immediately recalled he was here to participate in the Creation Master exam. He decided to participate in the Creation Master exam and share his success with Chu Ci later.

Lin Yuan wasn’t worried there might be any hiccups during the Creation Master exam. In fact, he was even wondering if he could complete the Class 1 Creation Master exam within two hours and obtain the chance to be exempted from the promotion exams of three lifestyle-class spirit qi occupations. He would then be able to participate in the Class 2 Creation Master exam.

Lin Yuan immediately flagged for a car and headed to the Creation Master Association.

All sorts of facilities and infrastructures in Redbud City were superior to the Xia Region.

The Redbud City’s streets were 30 meters in width, and even Platinum feys were able to traverse on the streets with ease. However, almost no one would summon their Platinum feys in the city area of Redbud City. Even the formidable spirit qi professionals would use transportation machines. It allowed Redbud City to have a peaceful and prosperous atmosphere.

At the Creation Master Association entrance, Lin Yuan looked at the large doors of the Creation Master Association and took another glance at the city lord residence that wasn’t far away.

Lin Yuan felt that the Creation Master Association was probably even grander than the city lord residence.

One could easily see the amount of respect that the Creation Master Association had.

Lin Yuan didn’t pick a time to participate in the Creation Master exam, and it was a pure coincidence.

However, there were

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