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Chapter 73: Insect Queen

Source-type lifeforms could be said to the most amazing and rare things. Each of the source-type lifeforms had different unique traits.

Lin Yuan’s Source Seed didn’t require any spiritual energy and used fresh blood to form the contract. It could also evolve according to the contractor’s will, and it was different from the other Source Seeds that were recorded.

Lin Yuan had allowed Genius to specifically learn information on Source Seeds.

Upon seeing how the masked man used his spiritual energy to summon the purple flesh cocoon, Lin Yuan had a subtle conjecture that this source-type lifeform was an Insect Queen.

An Insect Queen was like a breeding machine and could use the insects that she devoured in each grade to use as models. It could then produce and replicate insects of the same model and gene.

One could say that an Insect Queen was equivalent to an insect swarm. However, an Insect Queen required an insane amount of spiritual energy from the host. After forming a contract with an Insect Queen, the spirit qi professional wouldn’t be able to form contracts with other feys.

This was the difference between the Source Seed, Red Thorn, and this source-type Insect Queen.

Presently, this Insect Queen was in a near-death state, and its roots must have received a severe injury. The Insect Queen didn’t have a choice but to maintain its life through a cocoon form.

Source-type lifeforms always had a flaw, and after so many years, the Radiance Federation could still not resolve this problem. When source-type lifeforms were severely injured, they could be maintained by using large amounts of spiritual ingredients. However, once a source-type lifeform was in a near-death state, it couldn’t recover like other feys by using spiritual ingredients.

The source-type lifeform was a lifeform that had a hard time getting injured. It also meant that the roots of the source-type lifeform were extremely hard to damage. Since the source-type lifeform was in a near-death state, it had regressed to its initial state. This was already the lowest form for the source-type lifeform to maintain its life.

At that moment, the source-type lifeform could only receive the purest spirit qi, and only a massive amount of pure spirit qi could allow it to recover. This was rather similar to the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish.

However, the spirit qi’s purity required by the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish was far below the near-death source-type lifeform. Spirit qi with high purity could be extracted with the right concoction of spirit ingredients.

However, highly concentrated spirit qi that was extracted from spiritual ingredients had a certain level of medicinal effects. Even if the medicinal effects were mild, it was still fatal for a source-type Insect Queen in the near-death state.

Lin Yuan finally understood why this masked man would be in such a depressed state. Lin Yuan understood the depression and could actuall

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