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Chapter 62: Spiral-Toothed Shark

A king-class expert’s prowess was being completely displayed at this moment.

Lin Yuan felt that he was like a lonely boat in the middle of the ocean and might be engulfed by the waves at any moment. This was because Elder Ning had intentionally withdrawn his prowess from Lin Yuan. Otherwise, a king-class prowess would instantly pressure Lin Yuan to the ground.

As Elder Ning released his prowess, a massive shadow appeared in the small-scale manmade sea.

The bright silver dorsal fin had dark red patterns, and it looked just like a sharp sword that was splitting the surface of the sea.

A massive body that was ten meters in length leaped out of the sea surface before smashing back down again, causing a huge wave.

When the current rushed over, Lin Yuan immediately staggered and nearly fell.

Elder Ning then gestured to Lin Yuan and gave a simple introduction. “This is my newly nurtured Spiral-Toothed Shark.”

The Spiral-Toothed Shark had already swum near their vicinity. The teeth of this giant shark were in the shape of a spiraled wheel. It wasn’t only the case, as the upper jaw also had a vertical row of sharp teeth. When used together with the lower spiraled teeth, it would form scissors that could slice and cut.

This allowed the Spiral-Toothed Shark to turn into a killing machine in the sea, using its spiraled teeth and front teeth to sever and slice the lifeforms in front of it.

This Spiral-Toothed Shark didn’t just have special traits of the prehistoric Megalodon, but it even had the complimenting traits of the Edestus. It was simply a fascinating breeding result toward the ancestry line.

Lin Yuan looked at the Spiral-Toothed Shark while leaning his ear toward Elder Ning. It was obvious that Elder Ning had other things to tell him other than showing him the Spiral-Toothed Shark.

“Kid, I have already nurtured this Spiral-Toothed Shark to Platinum X/Legend, but I didn’t allow it to evolve to diamond-grade yet. It is because I want to guide its mutation toward the direction of Megalodon at the juncture of diamond-grade.”

After speaking, Elder Ning brought over a platinum-grade fey storage box from the side and took out many glass test tubes. He then opened up the test tubes and started to pour the golden-red fluid into the Spiral-Toothed Shark’s mouth.

Lin Yuan could recognize this golden-red fluid.Isn’t this a Platinum dragon beast’s blood?

According to Big Sister Xin’s price quotation, Platinum dragon beast’s blood cost 2,000 Radiance dollars per drop. Each of these test tubes had around 100 drops. Elder Ning had already poured in 10 test tubes, and they would cost at least 2,000,000 Radiance dollars. Lin Yuan had a new mindset of what was luxurious.

While Elder Ning was feeding the Spiral-Toothed Shark, he explained, “The Megalodon lived in the sea by hunting dragon beasts. Using dragon beast blood to feed the Spiral-Toothed Shark can guide it towar

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