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Chapter 68: Ling Xiao

If Lin Yuan wished to evolve this Ironhead Stoat, he would only require one hour to evolve it from the Elite IX/Flawless to bronze-grade. Even if he wanted to increase the quality to Epic before evolving to bronze-grade, he would only require around two hours.

Lin Yuan looked at the spiritual ingredients on the table. Among them, there was the Sharp Pine Needle and the Heavy Iron Ore. Both spiritual ingredients were rather expensive.

If these spiritual ingredients on the table were sold outside, they would at least be able to fetch 2 Radiance dollars.

This was just a Class 1 Creation Master exam, and it was already enough to see the resources and cost required for higher class Creation Master exams. This was also enough to see that the Radiance Federation was putting in plenty of effort and resources to nurture Creation Masters.

Once these resources were used up, they wouldn’t be compensated. It was no wonder the Creation Master exams would only be conducted once a year.

Lin Yuan picked up the spiritual ingredients on the table. Unlike other Creation Masters, he didn’t use his own method to make a concoction with the spiritual ingredients. Instead, Lin Yuan fed the spiritual ingredients to the Elite Ironhead Stoat directly and started to transfer spirit qi into its body.

Although feeding the spiritual ingredients to the Ironhead Stoat wouldn’t cause it to evolve directly, it could help Lin Yuan to speed up the evolution process. It originally required one hour, but it was now shortened to 40 minutes.

The Ironhead Stoat started to evolve with an intense reaction. After the evolution, the Ironhead Stoat was now a Bronze fey.

As such, Lin Yuan had completed the Class 1 Creation Master exam and simply walked out of the breeding room. Since he had decided to showcase himself, he wasn’t going to hold back. Only by exposing his talents would he be able to receive more attention.

After exiting the breeding room, Lin Yuan noticed that there was another lady in an alizarin, crimson dress by the entrance along with Elder Ning. This lady looked to be no more than 28 years old, however, her aura showcased that she was someone important. A regular 28-year-old lady wouldn’t possess such an aura. She was probably a powerful person.

Elder Ning walked over and asked Lin Yuan with a frown, “Did the concoction of spiritual ingredients fail? Why did you exit the breeding room so quickly?”

Even if Lin Yuan had failed, Elder Ning wouldn’t blame Lin Yuan. On the contrary, he would still admire Lin Yuan for his knowledge exams’ results.

But now, Lin Yuan had already walked out of the breeding room after only 40 minutes, and in Elder Ning’s opinion, Lin Yuan must have given up halfway through. Even if the spiritual ingredients’ concoction had really failed, Lin Yuan should still have tried to see if the rest of the spiritual ingredients could produce an effect to help the fey complete its evoluti

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