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Chapter 56: Zhou Jiaxin’s Thoughts

Deep Mountain Elder Lin: “Big Sister Xin, I shall purchase that female Five Fortune Ranchu. Does Big Sister Xin sell high-grade spirit beast flesh?”

After Lin Yuan’s multiple Spirit-Siphon Goldfish purchases, Zhou Jiaxin had made a brief investigation on Lin Yuan. As a result, she had found out that Lin Yuan’s account, Deep Mountain Elder Lin, was also an owner of a fey store.

Zhou Jiaxin had observed it for some time. After Lin Yuan’s store obtained the Normal Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, they would all become elite-grade in a short period of time.

These were Spirit-Siphon Goldfish!

Zhou Jiaxin made a bold guess and was quickly frightened by her own conjecture.

In order to evolve 100 Normal Spirit-Siphon Goldfish to elite-grade within three to five days, one must at least be a Class 3 Creation Master. Of course, Class 2 Creation Masters couldn’t be excluded either.

However, if this was the work of a Class 2 Creation Master, to evolve Spirit-Siphon Goldfish at such a large scale, there must be at least 20 Class 2 Creation Masters.

Nonetheless, Zhou Jiaxin couldn’t understand why a Creation Master would want to evolve Spirit-Siphon Goldfish. Wouldn’t it be better to evolve a few Silver feys instead of spending so much effort to evolve Spirit-Siphon Goldfish?

It didn’t matter what Zhou Jiaxin was guessing as she was certain about something. There must be a Creation Master backing Lin Yuan’s store, and it was highly possible that it was a Class 3 Creation Master.

Class 3 Creation Masters were individuals that even Class 5 stores might not have, and they would most certainly be considered VIP guests.

Zhou Jiaxin had operated her store for many years, and she sold the best quality of spiritual ingredients every time. After so many years of hard work, she had finally reached the standard of a Class 3 Star Web store. This was mainly because she had been suppressing her prices and selling in huge quantities.

Zhou Jiaxin wasn’t able to upgrade her store to Class 4 because she didn’t have a Creation Master’s backing.

Previously, Zhou Jiaxin was only thinking of developing Lin Yuan into her loyal customer, but now, she thought whether she could create a better relationship with Lin Yuan.

She could purchase rare items from Lin Yuan’s store that wouldn’t be available in the market at high prices. That way, she would be able to build the reputation of her store and upgrade it to Class 4. With a larger store space, she would be able to manage it even better.

To manage the Star Web store well had always been Zhou Jiaxin’s persistence. However, she couldn’t find any Creation Master as her backer, and it had been a difficult journey.

Zhou Jiaxin did think of recruiting a Creation Master, however, most of the ones she found were Class 1 ones. Even the conditions Class 1 Creation Masters set were already so high that Zhou Jiaxin couldn’t afford them.

Most of the Crea

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