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Chapter 66: Mishaps

Lin Yuan pulled Chu Ci toward the masked man’s counter.

Before encountering it, Lin Yuan hadn’t even dared to choose the Blue Flash Butterfly. He hadn’t put the Blue Flash Butterfly within his consideration during his contemplation because of the rarity. However, since he found one now, and it was a coincidental encounter, it was definitely a great opportunity.

Lin Yuan didn’t have a reason not to grab this opportunity. Thus, he had already silently decided to obtain this Blue Flash Butterfly no matter what.

Chu Ci could see that Lin Yuan’s expression had turned serious when he was walking toward the four cocoons. She simply followed Lin Yuan silently and carefully observed the four cocoons. She couldn’t see anything abnormal with them, but she knew that the cocoons were extraordinary because Lin Yuan viewed them with such seriousness.

“Could I ask for the price of the four cocoons?” Lin Yuan asked.

When the voice reached the masked man’s ears, he didn’t stand up and just responded indifferently, “I will only accept if you take them all. You just have to pay me 120 Radiance dollars, and you can take them all.”

Lin Yuan was astonished. Although 120 Radiance dollars wasn’t a price that was enough to purchase a Blue Flash Butterfly, it was still too expensive for cocoons.

After all, it was impossible to check what the cocoons contained. Each cocoon was like a fortune bag as it was unknown what would fly out of the cocoon. As such, it was extremely rare for cocoons to be sold on the market.

Lin Yuan might want the Blue Flash Butterfly, but he wouldn’t immediately decide to purchase these four cocoons.

Just as he was thinking of how to counteroffer, a middle-aged lady beside Lin Yuan suddenly said, “Young man, don’t be cheated! This person has been here for several days. It is unknown what backhanded methods he has actually used to set up a stall with four butterfly cocoons! How can butterfly cocoons be qualified to be sold in the Rare Lifeform Pavilion!? The other stalls are only selling butterfly cocoons for 50,000 Federation dollars, but this person is selling one cocoon for 30 Radiance dollars. Will a Bronze fey fly out of it directly?”

The middle-aged lady was obviously afraid that Lin Yuan might be swindled and had spoken slightly louder. Numerous people in the vicinity started to look in their direction.

At that moment, Lin Yuan heard the masked man’s exhausted and hoarse voice. “These four cocoons are all butterfly cocoons. They all came from the depths of the Endless Forest.”

The masked man spoke indifferently and stopped talking afterward.

The middle-aged lady beside Lin Yuan was even angrier now as she said, “The shortest tree in the depths of the Endless Forest is already 30 meters in height. The cocoons are hidden under the leaves of those giant trees. How can you even find them?”

When Lin Yuan heard the masked man’s words, he felt an obstinate tone within

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