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Chapter 64: Redbud City’s Rare Lifeform Pavilion

Presently, with Lin Yuan’s earning speed of Radiance dollars, eating a few fish was truly not a big deal.

After finishing the meal, Lin Yuan transferred 50 Radiance dollars to Chu Ci’s Star Web account. This was the first time Chu Ci had seen so much money, but when she took a glance at Lin Yuan, she felt the warmth in her heart and felt at ease.

“Chu Ci, the Sharp Iron Horn Bull has to eat more now. Use various metals to enhance the defense of the Sharp Iron Horn Bull’s skin and its horn’s destructive power. After a period of time, I will mail you a pot of Silver Usnea. The Sharp Iron Horn Bull is a herbivorous fey, and apart from the metals that you feed it, complementing it with the Silver Usnea will make the Sharp Iron Horn Bull even stronger.”

Chu Ci nodded.

No thanks were needed between siblings. If Chu Ci had to thank her elder brother, then she would have countless things to thank him for from the age of six.

Previously, Teacher Bao had asked Chu Ci to strive hard to obtain the academy’s recommendation within the year and, before the end of the first year, to become a seeded participant of the Redbud Hundred.

Chu Ci constantly reminded herself of this in her heart.

After returning, Chu Ci was planning to apply for a solitary room in the academy. Lin Yuan had given her a shocking amount of resources, and it wasn’t suitable for her to show it in a sharing room.

After successfully applying for a solitary room, Chu Ci would work extra hard and use all her efforts to strive and take the title of a seeded participant in the Redbud Hundred. After being selected to join the Redbud Hundred, she would then strive for the dream of all students in the Radiance Federation—the Hundred Sequence!

This was Chu Ci’s ambition.

An insignificant person was like a firefly that would want itself to just be an instantaneous burst of light for a short span of February.

Chu Ci was very determined with her ambition, and it was also her objective. A small firefly was trying to become an undying radiance.

Lin Yuan didn’t continue giving Chu Ci instructions as he was at ease and proud of his young sister.

Chu Ci and Lin Yuan had been shopping around and bought some delicious snacks and fruits. These were all specially picked by Lin Yuan, and he asked for Chu Ci to give them to Teacher Bao as a sign of gratitude.

While walking around, they just happened to enter the Redbud City’s Rare Lifeform Pavilion.

The Rare Lifeform Pavilion had been around since the Spirit Qi Awakening, and it was the biggest and also the only auction organization on the Star Web. It was established by the Radiance Federation’s officials.

Apart from the Star Web’s Rare Lifeform Pavilion, a large-scale auction would be held every once in a while.

On normal days, if anyone wanted to sell off their items through the Rare Lifeform Pavilion’s auction, they would need to pay a cer

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