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Chapter 57: Lord Ranger

Lin Yuan had already decided to purchase the flesh of high-grade dimensional lifeforms.

“Big Brother Feng, then I shall get some high-grade dimensional lifeform flesh. I wonder how much are you selling the dimensional lifeform flesh for?”

“To be honest with you, the high-grade dimensional lifeform flesh that I received isn’t edible like the high-grade spirit beast flesh. I am unable to receive any edible high-grade dimensional lifeform flesh, either. Most of the dimensional lifeform flesh I received are from the Abyss Dimensional Rift and Insect World Dimensional Rift.”

When Big Brother Feng explained, Lin Yuan could obviously feel the helplessness in the other party’s eyes. Apparently, the sale of such dimensional lifeform flesh that caused harm to the human body wasn’t doing well.

However, there wasn’t a need to consider such things for Red Thorn. In fact, the kind of dimensional lifeform flesh other feys couldn’t consume might actually be beneficial for Red Thorn’s evolution.

“I wonder what is the price for the dimensional lifeform flesh?”

Big Brother Feng didn’t think that Lin Yuan would express an intention to purchase and wash rather delighted.

“Class 1 dimensional lifeforms are equivalent to Bronze feys and cost 500 Federation dollars for each catty. Class 2 dimensional lifeforms are equivalent with Silver feys and cost 8,000 Federation dollars for each catty. Class 3 dimensional lifeforms are equivalent to Gold feys and cost 100,000 Federation dollars for each catty.”

Lin Yuan was rather surprised and didn’t think that dimensional lifeform flesh was actually so cheap. It was several times cheaper than fey flesh.

Gold dimensional lifeform flesh only cost 100,000 Federation dollars for each catty. It also meant that 100 Radiance dollars could purchase 1,000 catties.

Of course, Red Thorn was only at normal-grade now, and even if it could digest dimensional lifeform flesh, it would also need a gradual adaptation.

Previously, Lin Yuan had been feeding it with gradeless alien insect carcasses. The amount of energy contained within those carcasses might be comparable with Normal feys.

Therefore, Lin Yuan was planning to start feeding Red Thorn with bronze-grade fey flesh.

“Big Brother Feng, I will order 3,000 catties of Class 1 dimensional lifeform flesh this time. Let’s provide our contact details. In the future, if I require more dimensional lifeform flesh, I will order directly from you.”

Big Brother Feng immediately smiled when he heard that Lin Yuan was going to purchase dimensional lifeform flesh. He said, “Okay! I will give you a little more this time. A Class 1 alien insect is around 60 catties. I will give you 55 alien insects, and the surplus will be considered a gift.”

Lin Yuan originally felt that high-grade dimensional lifeform flesh was cheap, but after using 1.5 Radiance dollars to purchase 3,000 catties only to receive 55 corpses, he felt t

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