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The afternoon sun was shining gloriously when a bright moon suddenly appeared and lit up the entire sky with moonlight.

At that moment, several experts in the Royal Capital lifted their heads simultaneously to look at the cold moon in the sky that covered the sunlight.

Amongst the experts was a 30-year-old man whose eyes resembled a middle-aged man that had gone through countless experiences. He was holding a jade bamboo and frowning with an appalled expression. “It is the Moon Empress’ Cold Moon Lone Disk!”

One had to know that among the Moon Empress’ feys, the Cold Moon Lone Disk was mainly used for killing. What exactly happened for the Moon Empress to summon the Cold Moon Lone Disk?

Opposite the man with the jade bamboo was a middle-aged man in red armor, and he was holding a blackstone1. When the cold moon appeared in the sky, the black stone dropped on the board and disrupted the black and white stones. It interrupted the game that was about to settle with a winner.

“Bamboo Monarch, has the Moon Empress’ Cold Moon Lone Disk reached the Myth Breed? I wonder how much stronger is the Cold Moon Lone Disk as compared to back then…”

The Bamboo Monarch held the jade bamboo and said with a grave expression, “You know of the Moon Empress’ temper too. Since her Cold Moon Lone Disk appeared, something major must have happened.”

The Bamboo Monarch turned into an afterimage after speaking and headed for the place where the cold moonlight was. The red-armored man also left afterimages as he followed the Bamboo Monarch.

The Spirit Guards HQ was considered the place with the strongest combat power within the Royal Capital. Multiple individuals wearing Spirit Guard crests were entering and exiting the headquarters.

In the Spirit Guards HQ’s Chief Hall was a rather skinny and masked woman. Her eyes flashed as she looked at the cold moon through the window and said, “A tall moon high up in the sky. A blade that has been withdrawn for ten years. Why are you making a move again? I hope that the situation isn’t like the previous time.”

After speaking, the black-clothed masked woman vanished from the Chief Hall. A few pieces of paper floated down from the table, making them look lonely.

In the imperial court of the Royal Capital’s Radiance Imperial Palace was an old man in the main seat. Two middle-aged men, who had similarly overwhelming prowess, were seated on his left and right.

The old man looked at the cold moon that had suddenly appeared and knocked on the table with his finger, while the other hand held his forehead. He turned to look at the two middle-aged men and muttered for a moment before he said to the man on the left with a cold face, “Iron Prison, go and find out what happened to make the Moon Empress so enraged. When a tree falls in a horizon of mountain trees, it is as clear as when the moon shines down on theriver1. I hope that the Moon Empress’ radiant moon of wrath isn’t going to be scorching l

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