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The next morning, Lin Yuan went down the Leaning Moon Mountain early and traveled light. He had stored all the things into the Diamond fey storage box on his chest, and it had to be said that this fey storage box was pretty convenient.

Last night, Lin Yuan sent a message to Liu Jie, telling him that he did not need to worry about choosing a store anymore. He would pick a bigger store that was situated well, as he no longer needed to worry about money.

When he got down the Leaning Moon Mountain, Lin Yuan had an obvious purpose.

He called for a Speed-Hoofed Donkey Car and headed to the Guild Alliance.

This Guild Alliance was not an official organization like the Creation Master Association and the other lifestyle-class spirit qi occupation guilds. The Guild Alliance was an alliance of countless guild clubs in the Radiance Federation that relied on the Combat-Class Spirit Qi Occupation Guild.

Lin Yuan was going to register and get authenticated in this Guild Alliance.

After registering in the Guild Alliance, he could join the guild club teams and form a temporary team if he wanted to go wild harvesting. He could even receive and issue missions in the Guild Alliance.

If the Star Web was the second world of the Radiance Federation’s citizens and had the second world industry, the Guild Alliance would be where most combat-class spirit qi professionals lived, worked, and trained in the real world.


One could get a lot of commissions by completing the missions.

If a boss issued a mission, one could also get the spiritual ingredients or feys one needed as soon as possible with adequate remuneration.

Many Creation Masters who needed special spiritual ingredients would also issue a mission with rewards at the Guild Alliance. Some well-known guild club teams would accept the missions for those with high rewards.

Of course, most of the time, the feys for the Guild Alliance’s mission reward were basically rare ones.

If one wanted to evolve a precious fey or enhance the fey’s grade, they would need to find a Creation Master.

If there would be any place where Creation Masters would be most respected and most popular, that would certainly be the Guild Alliance.

In the Guild Alliance’s casual teams, most of the combat-class spirit qi professionals were at lower levels, and those without outstanding qualities might work hard for a year or two to enhance the fey’s quality or grade.

Most of the true talents or stronger spirit qi professionals had joined a guild club. If a talented person wanted to be chosen by a powerful guild club, the best way would be to fight until the 80th floor and above in the Star Web Tower or even up to the Celestial Stairway.

This was because the powerful guild clubs would choose and accept new people at the Star Tower.

The Radiance Federation admired battle skills. All year round, there were various tournaments for all sorts of guild club teams.

However, the mos

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