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Cold Moon also revealed a rare smile on her normally cold face. She wasn’t just happy for the Moon Empress; she was actually influenced by the atmosphere.

After some casual talk, the Moon Empress’ face suddenly turned serious and stern.

“I have been considering and feel that it is better to pick a Path Protector for you early. If you are in danger, at least, your safety is guaranteed.”

Lin Yuan didn’t refuse and nodded. “Master, I shall listen to your arrangement.”

The Moon Empress’ smile was maintained on her face as Lin Yuan didn’t refuse. This disciple that she had accepted was rather strong-minded and wasn’t very used to relying on her. Therefore, as his Master, the Moon Empress struggled to speak some of the words.

Now that Lin Yuan accepted in such a straightforward manner, the Moon Empress made a rare joke. “Your Path Protector is in this inner palace and within your vision. Let’s see if you can find the individual.”

Lin Yuan looked around the large hall, and his eyes finally landed on Cold Moon. He involuntarily thought,Master wouldn’t have arranged for Cold Moon to be my Path Protector, right!?

Cold Moon smiled and looked at Lin Yuan; she didn’t speak nor nod.

At that moment, Lin Yuan suddenly felt a weight on his shoulder, while a strange voice echoed from it. The voice sounded rather chilly, and it made his hair stand on end. However, this eerie female voice was also abnormally pleasant.

“Kid, where are you looking? Your Path Protector is here!”

When Lin Yuan felt a weight on his shoulder, he knew that something had landed on it. He turned around and noticed that a red and crystal sculpture-like spider had actually landed on his shoulder.

The spider legs had bright red crystal-like hair and were so red that they were dazzling as if dipped in blood. Its outer shell looked like it was sculpted from a red crystal, bright red at that, that gave off a cruel beauty. This spider lifeform looked just like a flawless product of heaven.

However, its eight slender legs and body were filled with spikes that exhibited its prowess.

At the same time, Lin Yuan felt as though he could smell a faint aura of blood from this spider. It was as if it emitted a layer of sticky blood energy.

As Lin Yuan was observing this red crystal-like spider, the latter was also observing Lin Yuan carefully.

Lin Yuan observed for a moment before he turned to look at the Moon Empress, who nodded. “That’s right. This is your Path Protector. Mother of Bloodbath. It is a Suzerain/Myth I fey.”

After hearing the Moon Empress’ words, he couldn’t help but exclaim in his mind,My Master actually got a fey as my Path Protector, and a Myth I at that? But what is Suzerain grade?

“Suzerain fey?”

Before the Moon Empress could speak, the Mother of Bloodbath was already replying, “Suzerain-grade is above diamond-grade, Suzerain—”

Before the Mother of Bloodbath could finish talking, it suddenly closed its mouth a

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