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Lin Yuan was currently using his fingers to rub his temples while he was in deep thought. For the past five days, he had been sleeping for only five hours a day on average. The rest of the time would be basically used to enhance the Jasmine Lily, and it was truly exhausting for Lin Yuan. During the enhancement, Lin Yuan would need to constantly circulate the spiritual power within his body.

In order to be able to circulate spiritual power like this, Lin Yuan would need at least five hours of sleep to compensate for the exhaustion. Of course, this was because of the bowl of Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar had consumed previously as it had cleansed the impurities in his body. If Lin Yuan tried to enhance such a fey before consuming the bowl of Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar, his body wouldn’t have been able to take it.

While contemplating, Lin Yuan suddenly stood up. He found someone to bring over a Silver/Epic fey for him to enhance within the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Lin Yuan realized that it was truly difficult for him to enhance a Silver/Epic fey to Legend right now. He spent the past two days enhancing the Silver/Epic fey. After checking on the Silver/Epic fey’s condition, Lin Yuan discovered that all his hard work for the past two days was all for naught. He was inadequate in enhancing the Silver/Epic fey to Legend quality.

After a rough calculation, if Lin Yuan wanted to enhance a Silver/Epic fey to Legend quality, he would need to go through a sleepless process for over two months in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

The current situation allowed Lin Yuan to know that he was completely different from other Creation Masters. It would be easier for other Creation Masters to enhance a fey’s quality from Epic to Legend if the fey’s grade was higher, but it was the opposite for Lin Yuan.

For Lin Yuan, the lower the grade of the fey, the easier it was for him to enhance the quality from Epic to Legend. Given Lin Yuan’s current strength, he was unable to increase a Silver/Epic fey’s quality to Legend.

If this matter was made known outside, it would overturn the perspective and knowledge of other Creation Masters. If Lin Yuan were to put a Bronze/Legend fey on an auction, it would probably cause an instant uproar in the Radiance Federation. All the major factions in the Radiance Federation would most probably be competing for it frenziedly.

After the experiment, Lin Yuan asked for someone to bring the Silver/Epic Needle-Tailed Squirrel away. He then went to look for the Moon Empress in the inner palace to inform her that he was planning to enter seclusion.

Subsequently, Lin Yuan entered seclusion at the pavilion. He used over 20 days to enhance Genius, Chimey, the Spirit-Gather Goldfish, and the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly from Bronze/Epic to Bronze/Legend.

After rounding up the number of days, he took a total of one month to finally upgrade his five contracted feys from Epic to Legend quality

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