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The Moon Empress looked at Cheng Wu, who was kneeling on the ground, and waved her hand without any expression on her face. The Fantasy V Gold Ring Spine Gu was then wrapped around by the muslin-like moonlight, causing it to let out a miserable scream.

Even if the Gold Ring Spine Gu was a Diamond/Fantasy V fey, it still wasn’t able to resist the moonlight at all. In fact, when it was trying to scream, the moonlight trapped its voice and couldn’t get emitted at all.

The serene and beautiful moonlight actually concealed a murderous intent, merciless and sharp. The Moon Empress was even going to give Cheng Wu the chance to explain.

Just as Cheng Wu felt the Gold Ring Spine Gu deteriorating, he became mournful and pounded his head on the ground as he kowtowed and said, “I beg the Moon Empress to spare my life. I, Cheng Wu, am willing to use the rest of my life to serve under the Moon Empress!”

The Moon Empress had a bone-chilling expression, but her voice was still mild and gentle. However, the mild and gentle voice carried an unreserved killing intent.

“Since you wished to kill This Empress’ disciple, you should have known that a killer must be prepared to get killed too.” The Moon Empress paused for a moment and continued. “You are not worthy to serve under This Empress. Repent under the moonlight.”

After hearing the Moon Empress’ words, Cheng Wu’s eyes turned lifeless, and he even forgot to circulate his spirit qi for a moment. Thus, the moonlight instantly disintegrated one of his arms.

The Moon Empress didn’t conceal the killing intent in her words as she wanted Cheng Wu to know that he wasn’t going to escape this calamity. Cheng Wu had never expected that this kid he treated as an insect was actually the Moon Empress’ disciple. If it was some other form of relationship, he might be lucky enough to keep his life.

Earlier on, he had made a move on the Moon Empress’ disciple—a move to kill. Had it not been for the Moon Empress’ obstruction, his Gold Ring Spine Gu might have emptied Lin Yuan’s spinal cord now. At that thought, Cheng Wu’s heart turned into dead ashes.

Just as Cheng Wu felt he was going to vanish under the moonlight, a jade-green bamboo leaf suddenly appeared and hovered over Cheng Wu’s head. The jade-green bamboo leaf was emitting bright green radiance, blocking the concentrated moonlight for Cheng Wu. However, in just a few seconds, the bamboo leaf gradually vanished and was also completely disintegrated by the moonlight.

A white-clothed middle-aged man holding a jade bamboo appeared beside Cheng Wu. The middle-aged man kicked Cheng Wu, sending him flying a dozen meters away and allowing Cheng Wu to leave the most concentrated spot within the moonlight.

Immediately after, a red-armored man appeared beside Cheng Wu, and he emitted spiritual power with a wave of his hand to block off the moonlight that wasn’t considered concentrated.

The red-armored man quickly said, “If the Moon Empr

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