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Chapter 126: You Cannot

From this moment on, Lin Yuan possessed two identities in the Star Web and the Radiance Federation. One identity was a prodigy Class 2 Creation Master, Lin Yuan. The other identity was ‘Mr. Black’ that fought in the Star Tower. ‘Black’ was the name that Lin Yuan had just given to his other identity.

Lin Yuan’s actions had basically split up his statuses as a Creation Master and a combat-class spirit qi professional. After finishing the registration and authentication, Lin Yuan saw that the attendant was still going to follow him. He shook his hand and said, “I can continue myself. You can attend to others.”

After speaking, Lin Yuan headed for the mission area. Seeing that Lin Yuan had left, the attendant muttered. “Such a young Class 2 Creation Master is actually a healing-type spirit qi professional too. Such a combination is truly going to make someone jealous to death!”

That’s right. Lin Yuan registered, ‘Mr. Black’, his spirit qi professional identity, as a Healer.

Lin Yuan arrived at the mission area and was preparing to look for a team that was heading for the Endless Forest. As a result, he realized that all of the teams were looking for healing-type spirit qi professionals.

He could hear plenty of people hawking loudly in the rather noisy mission area.

“Improvised team. Searching for basic spiritual ingredients, Moist Moss. We have two power offense-type spirit qi professionals, one defense-type spirit qi professional, one support-type spirit qi professional, and we are waiting for one healing-type spirit qi professional.”

“Triple Fire Guild Club. Three club teams are working together to capture a Gold youngling of the Rapid Shadow Lynx. 14 members waiting for one! We lack a healing-type spirit qi professional! As long as you come, you are the boss!”

“Cedar Grass Guild Club. The team is heading to the Endless Forest to capture 10 Silver Black Back Mountain Boars. Let’s earn great money since boar meat is on the rise. Four members waiting for one healing-type spirit qi professional. Please heal my father and mother and quickly join the team. After joining the team, you can take 30% of the team’s profits.”

Lin Yuan raised his brows silently.

Healing-type spirit qi professionals are truly popular.

Lin Yuan might have already known that healing-type spirit qi professionals were rare, as the Radiance Federation estimated that there would only be a single individual that was compatible with healing-type feys among every 100 spirit qi professionals. After learning of this statistical value, Lin Yuan had also been lamenting at the rarity of healing-type spirit qi professionals.

However, when Lin Yuan was in the Guild Alliance’s mission area and saw how every team was seeking a healing-type spirit qi professional, the rarity of healing-type spirit qi professionals was finally proven. Healing-type spirit qi professionals were simply treated as bosses in every single team

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