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Chapter 112: Greatest Leniency

When Lin Yuan heard the Moon Empress’ words, he felt warmth in his heart. The Bamboo Monarch’s tone might have sounded gentle, but it was unquestionable. Subsequently, the Moon Empress’ statement was to protect him.

When the Bamboo Monarch found out that the youth beside the Moon Empress was her disciple, he revealed a surprised look on his face before he smiled and said, “I congratulate the Moon Empress for obtaining a great disciple.”

Presently, the Bamboo Monarch knew that nothing he said was going to be useful. Cheng Wu’s attack on the Moon Empress’ disciple was no different than courting death. He watched as the Moon Empress sublimated Cheng Wu’s Gold Ring Spine Gu with the moonlight and didn’t show any signs of obstruction.

After the Gold Ring Spine Gu was disintegrated, Cheng Wu’s originally bloodless face was now even paler, and he was perspiring with cold sweat. The Gold Ring Spine Gu’s death left an immense mental trauma on Cheng Wu’s spiritual energy.

Cheng Wu’s physical injuries didn’t make him suffer as much as the mental trauma. It was unbearable!

All of a sudden, a rather charming voice echoed from the horizon. A masked and black-robed woman arrived while she stepped on air. “The Moon Empress is truly incredible and has directly sublimated this Gold Ring Spine Gu. Cheng Wu had only formed a contract with this source-type lifeform. So, since it is already dead, I wonder if the Moon Empress’ anger is appeased.”

Although the black-robed woman’s mask made it impossible to fully see her face, her eyes were still exposed. She was looking at the Moon Empress with a complex expression.

The Moon Empress lifted her head and looked at the black-robed woman with complex eyes too. However, her expression didn’t change. “It is none of your matters if This Empress’ anger is appeased. As a Chief Guard, why are you not overseeing the Spirit Guards? Are you really that free?”

Lin Yuan looked up at the sky after hearing the words.This black-robed woman is actually the Chief Guard of the Spirit Guards? She is the current era’s top-class expert!

The black-robed woman was now standing beside the Bamboo Monarch as she said, “Xiyue[1], the punishment is enough. You are not young and are already a Class 5 Creation Master. You are the Radiance Federation’s pillar and should know when to punish and reward.”

As soon as the black-robed woman finished speaking, an intense spirit qi wave surged, and a golden-armored middle-aged man appeared next to the red-armored man. He walked past the red-armored man, grabbed Cheng Wu up from the ground, and said in a loud voice, “Chief Guard Ye is right. Cheng Wu is a pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master recognized by the Creation Master Association. Even if he is at fault, he should only be judged first before being punished. Now that the Moon Empress has punished him, leave the rest to me.”

The red-armored man flashed and arrived in front of the

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