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Chapter 119: Law Rune

Blood-colored energy filled the entire inner palace. Even the dozens of sparkling Diamond lotus flowers in the lotus lake were over-enveloped. The few Platinum Spirit-Siphon Goldfish were all hiding under the lotus leaves and didn’t dare to reveal themselves.

The blood-colored energy made Lin Yuan feel as though he was in a bottomless pool of blood that he couldn’t escape from. The viscous blood seemed like it could devour everything.

A strange female voice with a special tone, cruel and with a hint of solemnity, echoed. A blood-colored rune was shot out of the Mother of Bloodbath’s back, and it was emitting blood-colored waves of light.

“I, the Mother of Bloodbath, use the Law Rune to activate the oath, concluding the Path Protector’s contract and becoming Lin Yuan’s Path Protector.”

After the statement concluded, Lin Yuan felt a trace of energy splitting off from the blood-colored rune and landing on his body. It made Lin Yuan have a subtle feeling that he was connected with the blood-colored rune.

Once the Path Protector contract was formed, the Mother of Bloodbath was now officially Lin Yuan’s Path Protector. From this moment on, Lin Yuan would also have his own Path Protector.

After forming the Path Protector contract, the Mother of Bloodbath looked as though she had exhausted a lot of energy and said with an unwilling tone, “Kid, you are really lucky to form the Path Protector contract. With the influence of my Law Rune, you will have a much easier time to comprehend Willpower Runes.”

When the Mother of Bloodbath was speaking, it was stretching around its hair-filled spider legs. It looked at Lin Yuan with its red eyes as though he was enjoying all the benefits.

Once the Mother of Bloodbath finished speaking, it turned to speak with the Moon Empress seriously. “I am indebted to the Moon Empress for giving me a new life. This time, I shall treat this as repaying the favor to the Moon Empress.”

The Moon Empress looked at the Mother of Bloodbath and spoke in a cold tone. “Protecting and becoming the Path Protector of This Empress’ disciple. This Empress shall accept the conditions.”

The Mother of Bloodbath didn’t say anything else. It turned into a red crystal spider that was only one centimeter long and extremely exquisite with a red flash of energy. It then jumped into Lin Yuan’s hair gently before vanishing within his hair.

As a Path Protector, the Mother of Bloodbath didn’t have any feelings toward Lin Yuan. It was only willing to become his Path Protector, just to repay the life-saving favor. As such, the Mother of Bloodbath wouldn’t give any preferential treatment to Lin Yuan. It would only do what a Path Protector had to do and made sure that he wouldn’t get killed.

The blood-colored energy gradually fused into Lin Yuan’s spiritual energy, giving a lift to Lin Yuan’s spirit. He felt as if the whole world was much clearer.

All of a sudden, Lin Yuan felt he w

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