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Chapter 120: Path of Original Intention

After walking to the Radiant Moon Palace’s spiritual ingredient vault, Lin Yuan noticed there were three spirit attendants in light yellow robes. He had even encountered two of the spirit attendants before as they were the ones that had come to clean up the pavilion.

Since Lin Yuan had heard the idle conversation carried by the wind, he could still vaguely remember their names. The one with the exquisite make-up was called Jin Qi, and the one without make-up was called Wen Yu. As for the other girl, Lin Yuan had never encountered before.

When the trio saw Lin Yuan approaching, Jin Qi’s eyes lit up as she hurried to bow. “Lord Lin Yuan, it has been a long time!”

Lin Yuan nodded and took out a token, carved with two crescent moons, and said, “I am here at the vault to retrieve some spiritual ingredients.”

Jin Qi quickly responded, “What spiritual ingredients does Lord Lin Yuan require? I will go and prepare them right now.”

Lin Yuan scratched his head and said, “I need one liter of Grasswood Fountain Water and two Mahogany Tree Cores.”

When Jin Qi came forward, she had the intention to block off Wen Yu and the other spirit attendant. She didn’t even want to give Wen Yu and the other spirit attendant a chance to speak. She thought that she would definitely serve Lin Yuan to his satisfaction for whatever spiritual ingredients he requested.

But when she heard that the requests were one liter of Grasswood Fountain Water and two Mahogany Tree Cores, she was rather confused and stood there in a daze for two seconds. The other spirit attendant that Lin Yuan didn’t know walked over and said to Lin Yuan in a respectful tone, “Lord Lin Yuan, the vault does have Mahogany Tree Cores, but there isn’t any Grasswood Fountain Water. Because the stream at the waist of the Leaning Moon Mountain is made up of Grasswood Fountain Water. If you need it, I will go and fetch some for you now.”

Jin Qi silently glared at the young girl. She didn’t think that a two-second daze would allow someone to cut into the conversation. When the young girl saw Jin Qi glaring at her, she glared back seamlessly.

Until now, Jin Qi didn’t really understand why Lin Yuan wanted the Mahogany Tree Cores and Grasswood Fountain Water, but she still interrupted with decisiveness. “Lord Lin Yuan, I will go at the waist of the mountain and fetch the Grasswood Fountain Water for you.”

Lin Yuan was rendered speechless as his speculation was actually correct. The spiritual ingredients he required were rare outside but weren’t even qualified to enter the Radiant Moon Palace’s vault.

An entire stream of Grasswood Fountain Water? How many liters is that? The amount of wealth is absurd.

Jin Qi immediately prepared to set off for Leaning Moon Mountain’s waist to fetch the Grasswood Fountain Water upon seeing Lin Yuan nod. But when she was about to leave, she suddenly thought,Wouldn’t I be giving others the chance

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