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Succulents could not control a mutation, such as developing bunches. Most succulents with a contract with humans did not prefer a mutation like this.

Although most feys had stronger abilities in the later stages, there would rarely be such anomalies like the Blue Flash Butterfly.

However, things were different, as Lin Yuan’s Jasmine Lily could only use one ability.

After forming bunches, each of the Jasmine Lily flowers could release healing energy. This was akin to the Jasmine Lily healing multiple targets. Each flower was equivalent to an increase in healing.

Just as Lin Yuan thought the Jasmine Lily was about to complete its Fantasy Breed evolution, its round petals suddenly turned into a long, irregular shape.

Soon, the bottom layer of the Jasmine Lily and those flowers grew into an irregular shape. Only the largest flower of the Jasmine Lily was left on top without experiencing any changes.

Lin Yuan could not help but cry out in surprise at this sudden change.

Unexpectedly, after forming bunches, a rare fasciation in succulents actually occurred!

Fasciation was the most amorphous abnormal mutation in succulents. It caused the plant itself to have amorphous development and growth.

At the same time, fasciation was one of the most precious mutations of succulents.

Lin Yuan had never heard of a fasciated Jasmine Lily because it would only occur in succulent feys when they were evolving into Fantasy Breeds. Nobody would choose to evolve a Jasmine Lily, one of the most basic feys, into a Fantasy Breed. As such, Lin Yuan’s fasciated Jasmine Lily might be the only one in the world.

After fasciation, the Jasmine Lily’s bottom petals grew layer by layer and destroyed the original structure of the flower. Thus, the emerald green in the middle of the Jasmine Lily spread out to all parts of the leaves.

At another glance, it seemed like a lingering emerald mist, just like the feeling of the mist from the best jades.

The Jasmine Lily flower at the very top that had not experienced any changes became as big as a bowl.

The Jasmine Lily was only truly evolving into a Fantasy Breed at this moment.

After the Jasmine Lily had evolved into a Fantasy Breed, Lin Yuan used Jasmine Lily’s Heal ability on himself immediately. He felt that he was lost in a trance for three seconds while the surging vitality was injecting into his body.

As a result, he suddenly had a feeling as though he had collapsed on a big soft bed when he was the most tired. It was just like how he wanted to laze in bed in the early morning and could not be woken up.


Lin Yuan believed that he was strong-willed, but it was still very hard for him to recover from this sense of extreme happiness.

When he completely came back to his senses, an idea arose in his head as he looked at the Jasmine Lily.

Its Heal ability was clearly a healing-type ability, but it now seemed to be able to be used as a control-type ability. Th

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