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Lin Yuan didn’t withdraw Genius and Chimey into his spiritual spatial zone, nor did he let them reside in the pavilion. Instead, he kept them within the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

The Platinum Cane Luffa and the Celery Vine were placed on the table inside the Spirit Lock spatial zone by Lin Yuan. An ordinary wooden table was gradually turned into jade due to the spirit qi concentration that was ten times more concentrated than the outside world. It was now extremely exquisite.

Lin Yuan now had an idea to place more wooden materials within the Spirit Lock spatial zone and allow them to turn into jade after a period of time. Turning wooden to a jade-like texture might not be useful, but it was very rare. The great appearance also allowed the price to be marked up, especially jade-textured furniture were considered luxury items.

When Genius and Chimey were hungry, they could just consume the Platinum Celery Vine and Cane Luffa from the table. After experiencing that battle earlier and seeing Lin Yuan vomiting blood, Genius and Chimey were obediently sticking onto Lin Yuan.

After every minute or two, Chimey would be chirping noisily beside Lin Yuan’s ears, and it would only relax after Lin Yuan guaranteed that he was fine.

Genius was also crouching on Lin Yuan’s shoulder and saying, “Yuan, I was scared to death. I am useless and couldn’t be of any use in combat.”

Lin Yuan quickly rubbed Genius’ head until it let out a comfortable purr. Lin Yuan then said, “Had it not been for your glasses form, allowing me to dodge the qi force at the crucial moment, I might not have been able to crawl up after the first wave of attack. Therefore, Genius is great!”

Genius meowed a few times after hearing Lin Yuan’s response and climbed up the table to seek a comfortable position before sleeping soundly.

After seeing Lin Yuan praising Genius, Chimey chirped loudly and flew beside Lin Yuan’s ear again. Lin Yuan then chuckled and plucked off a leaf of the Celery Vine before feeding it to Chimey. “Chimey’s Sound Thrust is great too. Had it not been for Chimey’s Sound Thrust, it would have been impossible to nearly injure Cheng Rui.”

After Lin Yuan’s praise, Chimey ate the small teared up shards of Celery Vine leaves happily. Once it ate and drank to its fill, it flew toward Genius’ head with satisfaction before sleeping within Genius’ fur.


The battle earlier had exhausted plenty of Genius and Chimey’s spirit. The easiest way to replenish the spirit exhaustion was to have a great sleep.

As for the Gold Wind Speed Rapid Antelope, Lin Yuan had already placed it for sale on his Star Web store. Plenty of people offered to buy it—their offers great at that—but Lin Yuan hesitated to sell it.

Lin Yuan walked to the water tanks beside the spirit pool and noticed that many of the Five Fortune Ranchu eggs had already hatched. Numerous small fish were swimming within the water tanks, and they were less than half a centimeter lon

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