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When the noise softened, Lin Yuan and the burly man immediately looked around. Lin Yuan saw a team wearing white and red, with a flying eagle on the clothes. The team members were all youths that were slightly more than 20 years old.

The four were all wearing the same attire, and it should be the team uniform of a certain guild club. One of the members, a tall and skinny man, walked to the mission area and yelled, “The train heading for Endless Forest is about to depart, veterans are leading the team, and we are in urgent need of a healing-type spirit qi professional. As long as you come, you will be my little precious. I will make you experience the most enjoyable ride—”


Before the man could finish shouting, a blonde-haired lady patted on his back so hard that the skinny man coughed.

The young blonde-haired lady glared at the skinny man and barked, “Zhang Xiaobai, can’t you be serious!? You are really making this lady angry to death, uh!”

The skinny man looked at the blonde-haired lady and suddenly exclaimed, “Xin Ying, you actually said ‘uh’!”

As a result of his words, Zhang Xiaobai received the blonde-haired lady’s heavy fist, causing him to become utterly obedient.


The blonde-haired lady then shouted, “Extreme Guild Club’s S Tournament reserve team is heading for the Endless Forest’s depths. We are gathering the venom of the Gold Jade Unicorn Ice Snake. We are in urgent need of a healing-type spirit qi professional. The healing-type spirit qi professional must not be lower than C-rank and possess a healing-type fey that is not lower than Silver.”

When the lady’s statement ended, a commotion broke out as this team’s reputation was obviously rather high.

All of a sudden, Lin Yuan heard the burly man clicking his tongue and cheering along as though he was in a fervent state. “Tsk, tsk, tsk, they are indeed worthy of being a B-level guild club and reserve team of the S Tournament team. Young Sister Xin Ying is getting prettier too.”

Lin Yuan was rather speechless as it seemed like this burly uncle was a fan chasing a celebrity. However, Lin Yuan didn’t know whether this burly uncle was a fan of the Extreme Guild Club’s team or the Young Sister Xin Ying that he had mentioned.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but pat on the burly man’s shoulder and ask, “Where did this team come from?”

The burly man looked at Lin Yuan with disbelief and wide eyes. “You don’t even know this team? Even if you don’t know this team, you should know of the Extreme Guild Club, right?”

Lin Yuan still shook his head, and the burly man immediately let out a gasp, blowing the mustache by his mouth. “Kid, don’t mess with me. You don’t even know the B-level Extreme Guild Club!? Do you not have a Star Web Card, or have you not logged into the Star Web before!?”

Lin Yuan was rather speechless after getting criticized by the burly man.

I do log into the Star Web, but I have been enhancing feys recently and don’t have tim

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