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The red afterglow in the rosy-tinted sky at the Royal Capital was especially conspicuous. It made the sky look especially tall and vast.

The evening arrived.

Since Lin Yuan had decided to set off and did not intend to live on the Leaning Moon Mountain for a long time, he simply went to the Radiant Moon Palace to bid goodbye to his Master, the Moon Empress.

He then left the pavilion when the Mother of Bloodbath opened its eyes on the roof and jumped onto the leaf-shaped fey storage box on his chest.

It continued to lie motionless as it gained insight into the Law Rune.

When he reached the Radiant Moon Palace’s inner palace, and the Moon Empress saw Lin Yuan come, her eyes lit up as she asked, “You’ve been in seclusion for two months. Have you gained anything?”

Lin Yuan touched the back of his head and smiled brightly, revealing his white teeth and a youthful aura.

“I did gain from this seclusion.”

For Lin Yuan, raising his five feys from Epic to Legend and getting his first Fantasy Breed fey during his seclusion, they were considered huge and important harvests.

Upon hearing that, the Moon Empress nodded with a smile. She had always appreciated Lin Yuan’s character, but she did not expect he would be so hardworking in his cultivation.


Nowadays, few youths would spend over two months in seclusion without going out.

Ever since the Moon Empress had taken Lin Yuan as her disciple, she had not asked him about his progress as a Creation Master and spirit qi professional, besides teaching him the appropriate knowledge. She felt that one should mainly rely on one’s own self-consciousness for cultivation.

On the other hand, she also did not want to pressure him, so she never asked him about it.

Since the Moon Empress had not asked, Lin Yuan had never told her about his progress either.

Regardless of whether he had three Willpower Runes before or the fact that the Jasmine Lily that had evolved into a Fantasy Breed at Bronze, the Moon Empress was his Master. If she asked him about it, he would naturally tell her without hiding anything.

However, she did not ask him about it. As he was an introvert, he would not take the initiative to tell her.

Lin Yuan knew his own capabilities. These were his means and not something to show off. If other people had Lin Yuan’s skills, they would probably have made it known. He had always been afraid that if he showed himself too much, the saying ‘An outstanding person will attract jealousy and criticism’ would apply in his case.

But now, with the Moon Empress as his Master, Lin Yuan did not need to worry about these. No matter how strong the wind would be, with the Moon Empress, a tall and straight little tree like Lin Yuan would not be affected at all.

Moreover, the Suzerain/Myth Breed Mother of Bloodbath was following him. If anybody dared to do anything to Lin Yuan, they would have to worry about themselves first.

After a few moments of sm

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