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Chapter 109: How Dare You!?

After the sudden ambush, the Wind Travel Pigeon rapidly flapped its right wing and was cooing as it fell toward the ground. When the Wind Travel Pigeon was falling, it turned back to look at Lin Yuan with a very anxious feeling.

When it was around three to four meters away from the ground, the Wind Travel Pigeon felt as though it had lost all energy. At the crucial moment, the Wind Travel Pigeon turned and wrapped its right wing around Lin Yuan to protect him. Its head crashed onto the ground as dirt flew up, resulting in instant death.

In fact, when the Wind Travel Pigeon turned to protect Lin Yuan in mid-air, it had already lost its life. When falling from such an altitude, its final form of defense was actually used to protect a complete stranger.

This was just a mission entrusted by the trainer to a fey and the professionalism of a Wind Travel Pigeon as a flying fey.

Since the Wind Travel Pigeon had protected him by using its body to relieve the impact, Lin Yuan didn’t suffer any severe injuries. However, the impact of the fall still made Lin Yuan uncomfortable.

Lin Yuan understood that someone targeted him. He wasn’t a person to form any feud with others, so the only person who would ambush him could only be Cheng Rui.

After emerging from the Wind Travel Pigeon’s right wing, Lin Yuan looked at the Wind Travel Pigeon, which lay on the ground—its eyes were going to be permanently closed. The blast injuries on the left side of the body and the impact from the fall made the Wind Travel Pigeon’s corpse look abnormally miserable.

At that moment, Lin Yuan heard an arrogant and vicious voice. “You didn’t expect this, right!? Since you kicked me, I shall take your life!”

Lin Yuan could see a dark-faced elder standing beside Cheng Rui. When looking at his facial features, Cheng Rui had a slight resemblance to the elder.

An insect-type creature, around the length of an arm, with multiple legs, was crawling on the elder’s shoulder. Evidently, this insect-type creature had shot out the earlier gray energy ray. This multi-legged insect creature was rather familiar to Lin Yuan, and it was rather apparent that it was the Spine Gu’s enlarged version.

However, as compared to the Spine Gu Cheng Rui had summoned during the contest, this Spine Gu had plenty of golden rings on its body. The golden rings gave the sinister Spine Gu a very bizarre appearance.

Lin Yuan didn’t hesitate and circulated his spiritual power to summon Red Thorn and Chimey. At the same time, Genius used Tool Transformation to transform into a pair of glasses for Lin Yuan to wear.

At that moment, Lin Yuan could hear the elder speaking to Cheng Rui. “You can’t even defeat an insect like him? His strongest fey is just Bronze, yet you actually needed to look for me? If you didn’t want to take revenge personally, a casual energy beam from the Gold Ring Spine Gu would have been able to blast this kid and that unluc

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