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Chapter 128: Sudden Change in Attitude

Lin Yuan was simply too familiar with the song that the skinny Zhang Xiaobai sang.

This song was from Jay Chou, a superstar singer in his previous life.

Before he had transmigrated, Lin Yuan had always been an avid fan of Jay Chou and had almost listened to all of his songs. Even if he could not remember the lyrics or did not know how to sing the songs, he could hum them out.

He loved this Ancient Indian Turtledove song and remembered the lyrics clearly.

When he had been working and tending to feys in the small store in Redbud City’s Xia Region, he would hum to this song when he had nothing to do.

But how did Zhang Xiaobai know how to sing this song?

After Zhang Xiaobai sang two lines of the song, many surrounding people searching for members actually applauded.

“Zhang Xiaobai, you sing the Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess’s song quite well! It has a bit of that feeling!”

“Hey, you’re worthy of being the Extreme Guild Club’s Zhang Xiaobai. You’ve indeed shown your talents again.”

“The Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess has not shown up for over two months. I wonder what she’s been busy with that she left so many fans behind. I’m willing to use the happiness of my previous hundreds of ex-boyfriends to exchange for her early return.”

“Have you guys seen the previous Star Web interview? I heard that Lord Ranger is the first on the charts instead of the Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess. Ever since her disappearance, he has been pulling a long face and did not say much during the Star Web interview. He put the host in a very awkward position.”

When Lin Yuan heard the interspersed discussion among the surrounding applause, he frowned even more.

Who is this Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess?

Contracted feys with greater wisdom could sense the changes in the contractor’s thoughts and emotions.

Presently, Chimey was happily eating the Platinum Celery Vine leaves in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. It would always fly high every time and then swoop down to tear off a small piece of it with its beak before swallowing it.

Chimey would eat and have fun. It would fly to the side of the spirit pool to drink a few mouthfuls of water from time to time.

However, when Chimey sensed Lin Yuan’s emotions and thoughts, it did not eat the Platinum Celery Vine or drink the water from the spirit pool anymore. It landed honestly on the table and shrunk its neck.

Due to Lin Yuan’s thoughts, Chimey, which had been indulging in eating the Platinum Celery Vine, recalled that it had deserted its live-streaming career for over two months.

Chimey flew up and arrived on the Pure Land of Bliss’s white sand before using its wings to fan away the fine white sand. The Star Web account card that Chimey used for live-streaming was buried in the fine white sand. When it cranked its head and looked at the account card, it recalled that it was time for live-streaming.

Just as Zhang Xiaobai was enjoy

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