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When Wen Yu walked out of Lin Yuan’s pavilion, she might have a pale complexion and was still sickly in appearance, but her eyes emitted a different light. It wasn’t as bright as the lustrous stars, but it was a kind of determination of being acknowledged.

She was holding tightly to a very small amber-colored bottle and was just clamping on it tightly. The afternoon sun was burning like fire, and even though it was deep into autumn, it still gave warmth to the body.

Wen Yu walked on the stone pavement and looked at the bottle in her hands. Her eyes suddenly turned red. A tear dropped on the stone pavement with a ‘drip’ sound, which produced a watermark. The watermark was quickly evaporated by the proud afternoon sun, and even the tears in Wen Yu’s eyes turned into mist.

The bottle she was holding tightly contained a drop of Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar. It was the Radiant Moon Palace’s exclusive product, and it was always precious.

Even the spirit attendants nurtured by the Radiant Moon Palace would only be able to obtain one drop when they were selected as spirit attendants. It helped to cleanse the impurities within their bodies and increase their potential.

The Radiant Moon Palace might seem like a peaceful place, but the competition between spirit attendants never stopped. A moment of impulse and kindness had allowed Wen Yu to see the world’s harsh reality during this year.

With this drop of Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar in her hand, she would be able to cleanse her body’s impurities again and heal her injured roots. Therefore, once she drank this drop of Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar, she would be able to remove the burden.

At that moment, Wen Yu wasn’t just grateful for this drop of Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar. It was because the uncertain path she had chosen had now been proven to be correct. At least, someone had acknowledged this path, and she wasn’t just a kind-hearted fool.

To sacrifice one’s future to do a good deed might sound nice, but Wen Yu might not do it again. Even if she was going to do so, she would weigh out the options with the benefits and losses. After a close encounter with the harsh reality, it allowed Wen Yu to know when she should be using her kindness.


Lin Yuan didn’t wish to see an originally kind-hearted person turning to the darkness at the end. At least, this drop of Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar would allow a kind-hearted young girl to retain that injured kindness, keeping it at the bottom of her heart.

When the Mother of Bloodbath saw that Lin Yuan was preparing to enhance feys, it flashed and went outside of the pavilion. It laid on the pavilion’s roof motionlessly as though it was going into a deep sleep.

When a Creation Master enhanced feys, it would easily distract the Creation Master if someone was around. Thus, when Creation Masters wanted to enhance feys, they would choose to be in the breeding

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