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Chapter 116: Path Protector

Lin Yuan had sent a message to Liu Jie when he had returned to the Radiant Moon Palace earlier. After experiencing a life-and-death ordeal, Lin Yuan was really not in the mood to look at houses anymore.

He had evolved the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly from Bronze I/Normal to Bronze X/Epic. However, he currently had no plans to evolve it into Silver, as the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly’s future potential was related to when it would evolve into a Fantasy Breed.

Lin Yuan was not an absolute perfectionist, but this concerned his future, so he suppressed the grades of all his feys at Bronze X. Another reason was that the grade and quality of Morbius were related to its spirit-locked feys.

A spirit-lock fey could not be changed, so each of them was of utmost importance. Any feys stuck at a certain grade would simply be a disaster for Lin Yuan, as the grade of Morbius would also be forced to be stuck at the lowest grade of the spirit-locked feys.

When the feys evolved into Fantasy Breed at Bronze, Lin Yuan could raise the grade of the feys without it being forced to be stuck at Bronze.

At first, he had been thinking about how to get two Mahogany Tree Cores for his Jasmine Lily to evolve from Epic to Legend. Yet, now, he only needed to take the Radiant Moon Token and find the spiritual ingredients he needed in the treasure trove at the Radiance Palace. Thus, the next thing he had to do was to evolve Jasmine Lily to Legend and fuse the Willpower Rune that he had gained an insight back at the mountains. That way, the Jasmine Lily would become his first Fantasy Breed fey.

Lin Yuan did not know how strong a Bronze Fantasy Breed would be, but he believed that it would definitely be stronger than a fey evolved into a Fantasy Breed at Silver. A fey’s evolution into a Fantasy Breed was beyond its inherent genetic model. It was an evolution toward the feys in fantasies. It would break through the Fantasy Five Transformations and evolve into a Myth Breed fey.

Lin Yuan had shallow knowledge before and only knew about the Fantasy Breed, but not the Myth Breed. Nonetheless, he had now gotten to know and see it.

Lin Yuan finalized the path that Jasmine Lily and his other feys would take after becoming Fantasy Breeds.

Morbius had yet to wake up from its slumber. In fact, not much time had passed since Morbius fell asleep. However, it had never woken up, and Lin Yuan was worried.

At that moment, there was a change in Morbius’ attributes.

Lin Yuan’s vacant Bronze Spirit Lock position was also filled.

[Fey Name]: Morbius

[Fey Species]: ???

[Fey Grade]: Bronze (10/10)

[Fey Type]: Spatial/Mystery

[Fey Quality]: Epic


[True Data]: All complicated information that is invisible to the eye is turned into data. Information that is turned into data might contain truth that cannot be distinguished on the surface.

[Calm Mind]: Passive ability. Effects of Calm Mind

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