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Chapter 117: When a Fox Has Seven Tails

‘Path Protection’ was a very sacred term in the hearts of the Radiance Federation.

Path Protection referred to protecting a youth’s safety and growth, as well as the path of a very young unsurpassed talent.

A youth’s Path Protector would protect them from all the dangers encountered on the journey of growing up. As a bystander, a Path Protector would watch the path they were protecting, which was also the growth of the youth.

Those who were qualified to become Path Protectors were required to have a Willpower Rune. The Path Protector would then swear an oath at the Willpower Rune and protect the youth’s growth with all their might and even their life until they were satisfied with it.

The Path Protector would then activate their oath again and take on the duty of the youth’s butler.

They would not just protect the growth of the youth as a bystander.

If a Path Protector was dissatisfied with the path they were protecting, the Path Protector would dissolve the rune oath with the youth once the youth grew up. From then on, the Path Protector would leave the youth and no longer protect them.

Generally, the youths with Path Protectors were all from prestigious and high-ranking families. This was due to the fact that an expert would not gain any real benefits after becoming a Path Protector. They were just gambling on the youth’s future.

If the path they were protecting ceased to exist, the Path Protector would suffer a backlash from the Willpower Rune. The Path Protector would do their best to protect the youth’s future until the youth matured. Thus, a Path Protector’s protection was somewhat like the rite of a knight before the Spirit Qi Awakening.

Of course, a Path Protector did not just protect indiscriminately. Before the youth grew up, a Path Protector could only take action in the event of a life-and-death situation. It was a kind of life protection.

Usually, even if the youth suffered insults and endless torture, the Path Protector could only watch if it was not a life-and-death situation.

The resistance that a youth encountered might seem hard, but they were of utmost importance for the transformation of the youth’s mentality or strength. This was because each step of the growth of the youths, especially the geniuses, was like stepping on thorns. Only when they stepped over the thorns could they reach the true heights and be at the top with a magnificent view from above.

Lin Yuan had common knowledge about the Path Protectors, but he did not expect himself to have one. Even if the Moon Empress was his Master, he did not expect to have an expert protecting him closely one day.

Lin Yuan did not feel that this was a bad thing. He might not be able to adapt to it at first, but he did not need to worry about being assassinated.

On the journey, when Cold Moon told Lin Yuan about Cheng Wu’s sentence with a cold expression, her eyes would flash with

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