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Lin Yuan noticed that Cai Cha and Long Tao were both circulating their spirit qi.

Long Tao summoned a shark-like fey that was around two to three meters long but had dragon patterns on its body.

Using True Data, Lin Yuan recognized that this was a Platinum VI/Epic Reef Sturgeon.

As for Cai Cha, there was a tea tree that bloomed with white camellia.

Lin Yuan took a glance and noticed that both the feys were Platinum ones, but Cai Cha’s fey was a Fantasy Breed. Furthermore, the tea tree was a Fantasy II.

Cai Cha commanded the tea tree, “Dark Dream Fragrant Tea, Tool Transformation!”

After receiving Cai Cha’s command, Lin Yuan watched as the Platinum/Fantasy II tea tree turned into a five-string pipa and landed in Cai Cha’s hands.

Cai Cha used her delicate hands to strum the strings. The large strings were clamoring, while the small strings were distinctive.

The sounds of the strings were like an army of thousands of troops and horses. They broke through the air and blasted at Long Tao.

Long Tao quickly jumped onto the Reef Sturgeon’s back, but the sound of strings sliced it. Bone-deep wounds appeared on the Reef Sturgeon. The Reef Sturgeon was in so much pain that it let out a roar.

Long Tao’s eyes immediately turned sharp and serious. By experiencing the burst of sound damage, Long Tao knew that this woman might look weak, but she was dangerous.

Cai Cha let out a gentle smile and continued to strum the pipa.

Long Tao quickly commanded the Reef Sturgeon to bring up a wave to block the string sounds’ damage. At the same time, Long Tao circulated his spiritual power again, and two figures appeared. One was blue, and the other red, and they were half a meter in size.

The blue and red feys were actually two Deep Blue Dragon Jellyfish.

The Deep Blue Dragon Jellyfish might possess dragon-species bloodline, but they weren’t considered dragon-species feys. These two Deep Blue Dragon Jellyfish were actually two Deep Blue Jellyfish that were nurtured from young with dragon blood. When they turned into Fantasy Breed feys, they would undergo a transformation.

The two different-colored Deep Blue Dragon Jellyfish were Platinum/Fantasy I. When Long Tao summoned the two Fantasy I feys, an immediate downpour of rain followed.

The rain formed lines, which were filled with the grim and murderous intent of the deep sea. The raindrops were sharp like needles and felt as though they could pierce through all life that they came in contact with.

When enveloped by the murderous intent, Lin Yuan only saw Cai Cha changing her stance. She raised the pipa over her shoulder and strummed it. The string sounds formed a barrier around Cai Cha, which bloomed with camellias. They rapidly restored the spirit qi within Cai Cha’s body.

Cai Cha’s eyes turned stern as she formed a claw and grabbed the strings before forcefully twirling them. The mild and reserved string sound was scattered out with a flick of her f

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