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Lin Yuan was only interested in establishing his own guild club for a moment before he gave up on the idea. It wasn’t the correct timing to form a guild club now.

A guild club’s function was to nurture one’s own team—a team of five members that were appointed to participate in combat competitions. To find teammates for combat, it was truly a task that must be meticulous. Teammates during combat must be able to trust each other mutually. Only with mutual trust would a team be able to exhibit the strongest combat power.

A strong team never relied on any hero ideology. Each of the members would have their own roles, power offense, agile offense, defense, control, support, healing, and many other aspects to achieve the balance. It was the strongest combination that would be able to present the best state of the team.

In terms of the choice of teammates, Lin Yuan would be very cautious. He, too, knew that he wasn’t qualified to form a team as of now. After all, he was still too weak. It wouldn’t be late to start planning after he reached the 100th floor of the Star Tower and entered the Celestial Stairway.

Before leaving, the Moon Empress called out to Lin Yuan and tossed an exquisite pendant. “Take this.”

Lin Yuan received it and realized that it was a leaf-shaped pendant, which was just like a jade carving. Instead of saying that it was suitable to be worn on the neck, Lin Yuan felt it was more suitable to be a brooch on the chest.

Noticing that Lin Yuan was observing this leaf-shaped brooch, the Moon Empress explained, “This is a Diamond fey storage box. There are corpses of all sorts of dimensional lifeforms. From Class 1 dimensional lifeforms for bronze-grade to Class 4 dimensional lifeforms for platinum-grade. Don’t you have a source-type lifeform? You can use these dimensional lifeform corpses to feed it.”

After speaking, the Moon Empress made a gesture, stating that Lin Yuan could leave. She then continued to concoct the spirit fluid in her hand.

When leaving the Moon Empress’ breeding room, Lin Yuan was holding the leaf-shaped brooch.

I already heard that the Diamond fey storage box developed by Ostrich Logistics is normally used as high-grade accessories, and it is entirely different from fey storage boxes below platinum-grade.

Lin Yuan didn’t have any concept of it until now. He held this delicate brooch—a Diamond fey storage box—and allowed his spirit qi to pour in. Lin Yuan could see there was a football-field space within the Diamond fey storage box. All sorts of dimensional lifeform corpses were already sorted by their classes.

If these corpses were fed to Red Thorn, it was probable that Red Thorn might evolve to bronze-grade in no time. Apart from the corpses, Lin Yuan noticed there were two pots of strange plants growing in the corner.

Lin Yuan used his True Data to check and realized they were two Platinum production-type feys. One of the pots was a Cane Luffa, and it was especially u

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