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Lin Yuan frowned after hearing the statement. Cheng Rui’s insufferably arrogant words were truly stinging to the ears. It felt as though he treated the violent-tempered woman and her daughter as lower lifeforms. In fact, he didn’t even treat the mother and daughter as humans. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be talking with such tone and eyes.

Every Creation Master Association’s management would be different. Most of the rules in the Creation Master Association were set by the current management members. Take the Redbud City’s Creation Master Association, for example. They had very lenient requirements for people participating in the Creation Master exams. They just required proof that they passed three primary lifestyle-class spirit qi occupation exams and could register for the Creation Master exam.

In the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association, before the three lifestyle-class spirit qi occupation’s exams were verified to be done, no one was permitted to enter the Creation Master Association for the exam. Furthermore, the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association canceled the services they previously provided for people to take the knowledge occupation exams in the Creation Master Association.

When compared like this, it was obvious that Redbud City’s Creation Master Association was much more amiable. The harsh management rules of the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association were subtly raising the bar for the status of Creation Masters that were already very high. It wasn’t a friendly place at all.

The attendant that was serving Lin Yuan earlier hurried and bowed to Cheng Rui. He then spoke in a tone that was trying to curry favor. “Young Master Cheng, this pair of mother and daughter said they arranged an appointment with a Creation Master. Therefore, I allowed them to enter.”

When Cheng Rui heard the response, he looked at the mother and daughter with disdain and asked, “What is the name of the Creation Master you arranged an appointment with? Report his name and let Xiao Zhang check!”

The attendant who served Lin Yuan earlier was also Xiao Zhang, so he quickly patted his chest as a guarantee. He then sneaked a glance at Lin Yuan, who he abandoned at the side. In Xiao Zhang’s mind, Lin Yuan was a new Class 2 Creation Master, and even though he was young, he looked talented at a single glance. However, when compared with Cheng Rui, Lin Yuan was pale in comparison.

In actual fact, it wasn’t due to the difference in talent. Cheng Rui’s status was already there as he wasn’t just known as the No.1 Creation Master of the young generation, but he had even gotten the Tribunal Sun title when he was just a Class 2 Creation Master. Most importantly, Cheng Rui’s grandfather was a pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master.

Just based on Cheng Rui’s grandfather, there wasn’t a single attendant in the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association that wouldn’t spend the effort to curry favor with Cheng Rui.

The violent-tempered

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