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Chapter 103: Feast for the Eyes?

On the next morning, the sunlight shone into the pavilion that Lin Yuan was residing in.

Genius curled up its two white tails and laid on Lin Yuan’s stomach. When Genius had been sleeping yesterday night, it might have felt that the clothes on Lin Yuan weren’t comfortable, so it had used its little paws to lift up Lin Yuan’s clothes. Presently, Genius was lying on Lin Yuan’s belly and having a great dream.

Chimey was currently having a great sleep right beside Lin Yuan’s neck. After arriving at the Radiant Moon Palace, Chimey had yet to log into the Star Web, so it didn’t know there was huge unrest in the Star Web when it wasn’t around.

It was fine during the first day of Chimey’s disappearance as many thought it was a normal host’s break. But when it was the second day, the third day, and until one entire week, Chimey’s fans were having a riot. It included Lord Ranger, who was Sequence #87 of the Radiance Hundred and Chimey’s top fan. Everything was unrelated to Lin Yuan and Genius.

The wastrel trio back then had already changed, and they were beyond their previous statuses.

Once Lin Yuan woke up, Genius and Chimey also woke up because of Lin Yuan’s movements.

Early in the morning, Genius and Chimey had been pestering Lin Yuan. Genius was rather composed, but Chimey was extremely mischievous when it was noisy. They only calmed down after Lin Yuan fed Genius the Cane Luffa’s fruit and Chimey the Celery Vine.

It was the first time Genius and Chimey were eating such nice food. Their eyes were sparkling as they ate, and they had satisfied expressions.

As for Red Thorn, Lin Yuan placed it inside the leaf-shaped Diamond fey storage box. Being a source-type lifeform, Red Thorn knew what food was most suitable for itself. Lin Yuan had already planned out Red Thorn’s evolution path, so the insect corpses within the Diamond fey storage box were considered an evolutionary paradise for Red Thorn.

After consuming numerous insect corpses, Red Thorn was now in a deep slumber. During these few days, Red Thorn had already reached Elite VII/Flawless. Lin Yuan asked for Red Thorn to slow down its speed of evolution and to enhance its quality.

Given such a huge amount of alien insect flesh and blood, Lin Yuan believed that Red Thorn wouldn’t need too long to become an Elite/Epic lifeform.

During this period, the people on the Leaning Moon Mountain had already gotten to know Lin Yuan. He wasn’t the one to take the initiative to know people on the Leaning Moon Mountain. It was the people of Leaning Moon Mountain who all urgently wanted to know Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan was the Moon Empress’ disciple, and it might not be officially announced, but anyone clever would be able to see Lin Yuan’s status in the Leaning Moon Mountain. How could any foolish people be residing in a place like the Leaning Moon Mountain?

This morning, Lin Yuan didn’t eat breakfast on the Leaning Moon Mountain. I

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