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Cai Cha withdrew the injured feys into her spiritual spatial zone before bowing to Elder Meng as thanks. She then said to Long Tao, “I lost. I am nearly ten years older than you, but I cannot even block your full-powered attack. No wonder you are Sequence #3.”

Long Tao’s attack nearly wiped out all of his spiritual power, and he wasn’t able to stand for a moment. Long Tao put his hand on the Sea King Cretaceous Dragon to support himself while he panted loudly. He didn’t even have the strength to speak. Long Tao’s current state was the symptom of spirit qi exhaustion.

Upon seeing his state, Lin Yuan immediately used the Spirit-Gather Goldfish’s ability, Spirit Injection, and released a portion of pure spirit qi toward Long Tao’s body. It immediately helped Long Tao’s exhausted spirit qi to recover a little. It might not be able to recover half the spirit qi, but it recovered enough for Long Tao to move normally.

Long Tao cupped his fist toward Lin Yuan as an expression of thanks. When Lin Yuan’s eyes met with Long Tao’s eyes, Lin Yuan realized that Long Tao was looking at him with a scrutinizing gaze.

Lin Yuan smiled and cupped his fist in return.

Long Tao then turned to look at Cai Cha again. “If I didn’t use the last move, I would not be able to defeat you either.”

Long Tao’s statement might seem unreserved, but it was also his approval toward Cai Cha’s strength.

Apart from this, Lin Yuan realized that Cold Moon, Elder Meng, Elder Du, and Ling Xiao’s eyes were all fixed on him. Lin Yuan silently thought whether it was rude to replenish Long Tao’s spiritual power when all these experts were around.

However, Lin Yuan didn’t know that these people were actually surprised at Lin Yuan’s ability to replenish spiritual power in an instant.

Lin Yuan hadn’t summoned his fey when using the Spirit Injection ability, but instead, Lin Yuan just executed it casually.

When healing-type and support-type spirit qi professionals were using healing-type and recovery-type abilities, they didn’t have to summon feys and could use the abilities directly. But it would definitely cause the ability effect to receive a huge decline.

Despite that, it was still enough for Long Tao to recover from a spirit qi exhaustion state.

Before this, everyone only knew that Lin Yuan was a young prodigy that had directly passed the Class 2 Creation Master exam. They didn’t expect that Lin Yuan would actually have such impressive support abilities.

There were only a few rare abilities that could directly increase spiritual power, and the most common fey with the ability would be the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish. However, the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish’s trait was a reason why basically no one would choose it as their contracted fey.

Therefore, when Lin Yuan revealed this ability, even these experts were rather surprised.

Cold Moon’s normally icy cold face had a trace of joy as she said to Lin Yuan, “An ability to replenish spiritual pow

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