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Chapter 105: Immeasurable Importance

Cheng Rui was stupefied by this kick and felt a wringing pain in his stomach. Since young, this was the first time Cheng Rui was kicked in his stomach, and he was sent falling onto the ground.

Cheng Rui only had one thought in his mind, and it was constantly being repeated.

How dare he!

After consuming the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar, Lin Yuan’s spirit qi professional rank hadn’t increased, and he was still a C-rank spirit qi professional. However, Lin Yuan’s body had a significant increase in strength. When furious, Lin Yuan’s kick caused Cheng Rui to suffer quite badly.

If Cheng Rui wasn’t a C-rank spirit qi professional, too, his gastric juices might have been vomited out.

The attendant, Xiao Zhang, didn’t think there would be anyone who would dare to make a move in the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association, especially when it was to beat up Cheng Rui.

Xiao Zhang quickly went over to help Cheng Rui up. However, Cheng Rui was so pale while he held onto his stomach. Even after being supported by Xiao Zhang, Cheng Rui still wasn’t able to get up.

The violent-tempered woman and her daughter were flabbergasted by the sudden change of events.

After Lin Yuan gave his kick, he still had an extremely unpleasant expression. Parental love was always in the most sacred place within Lin Yuan’s heart. He might have lost his parents at a young age, but for the young Lin Yuan who had transmigrated, he remembered every moment in his heart.

After Cheng Rui insulted his parents, Lin Yuan was so angered that he actually couldn’t restrain himself from kicking him. Lin Yuan was a person of great temper, and after handling the fey store and encountering all sorts of customers from a young age, he was already rather trained. Despite that, when the sacred place in his heart was disturbed, Lin Yuan didn’t hesitate to use all his strength to execute this kick of anger.

This was also the first time in eighteen years that Lin Yuan had used violence on others.

After a long moment, Cheng Rui was finally able to stand up with Xiao Zhang’s support. Cheng Rui ground his teeth and looked at Lin Yuan with vicious eyes. “You actually dared to hit me! Not only so, you actually dared to make a move in the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association! Such audacity!”

Cheng Rui then pushed away Xiao Zhang’s support and said in a cold voice, “Why are you still holding me for? Hurry up and call the enforcer here. Even if he is a Class 2 Creation Master, if he dares to make a move in the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association, he shall not leave this place!”

Once Cheng Rui’s statement ended, an aged voice yelled out with rage, “Cheng Rui! Are you insane?! What are you shouting for?”

Lin Yuan looked toward the voice and realized that he had seen this person before—it was none other than Elder Du that he had met at the Radiant Moon Palace.

Elder Du walked to Lin Yu

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