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Lin Yuan never knew what the standard of his Creation Master’s capabilities was. After all, Lin Yuan had never made contact with any proper Creation Master before. Take Elder Ning, for example. Lin Yuan only knew that Elder Ning was a Class 4 Creation Master, but never saw him at work.

Lin Yuan knew that a regular Creation Master would be using the concoction of spiritual ingredients to enhance a fey and upgrade its quality. As for the proper method of concoction, it was something that Lin Yuan had never seen before. Even a Class 1 Creation Master’s method was something that Lin Yuan had never witnessed before.

Since there was an opportunity now, Lin Yuan was watching in a particularly serious manner.

Cold Moon didn’t have much reaction as she felt that it was rather boring, so she shifted most of her attention to Lin Yuan.

Cai Cha, who was standing at one of the four corners, was looking at Cheng Rui with rather interested eyes.I wonder what this Cheng Rui did to offend Cold Moon and caused her to choose Xi Cha to conduct the contest.

Among the four sisters, Xi Cha was the one with the best Creation Master talent. Even if she hadn’t gone through any Creation Master exam, she was definitely at the standard of a Class 3 Creation Master. This contest should have a rather obvious result.

Xi Cha used her hand to knock on the platform and asked with a fiery tone, “For the Creation Master contest, do you want to evolve a fey, upgrade the fey’s quality, or to heal a fey with damaged roots? You can choose the method of contest.”

Cheng Rui’s face was instantly overjoyed after hearing the question. His nervous and affected mental state was now finally reverted to normal. He quickly said, “Let’s compete by healing a fey’s damaged roots.”

Cheng Rui’s extremely fast response made Lin Yuan involuntarily raise his brows.It seems like this Cheng Rui is very adept at healing a fey’s damaged roots. He actually believes that his chances of winning are higher. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be in such a hurry to make a decision.

Xi Cha clapped thrice before she said indifferently, “As you wish.”

Soon enough, two black hound-like feys were brought over. The two hound-like feys were both half a meter in size. They had pointed ears, but they had plenty of teeth that were jutting out, making them abnormally sharp.

Lin Yuan could recognize that these were Violent Blood Terror Wolf pups and were considered extremely rare feys.

The Violent Blood Terror Wolf was a mighty Platinum fey, and the pups that were produced were already Silver.

These two Violent Blood Terror Wolf pups were only born for a few months and already had damaged roots.

Upon noticing their dying state, Lin Yuan carefully observed the two Violent Blood Terror Wolf pups. He might be rather far away, but Lin Yuan could still see that the two Violent Blood Terror Wolf pups’ eyes were already so swollen that they nearly couldn’t open. Their sharp-pointed ears a

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