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Cheng Rui left the first floor of the Creation Master Association silently and immediately headed for the breeding room where his grandfather was in seclusion. Just as he was hesitating to open the door and call for his grandfather, his face revealed a complex expression. It was a mix of resentment and fear.

Finally, as he gritted his teeth and prepared to open the door, it was the door that opened up first. An elder with black glossy hair stepped out of the door.

Cheng Rui didn’t expect that his grandfather would end his seclusion at this moment. He quickly greeted, “Grandfather, after this seclusion, your hair is now completely black. It is another progress!”

The elder laughed, but his laughter contained a little feminine tone. “During this seclusion, the Gold Ring Spine Gu has upgraded from Fantasy IV to Fantasy V. I didn’t waste ten years of effort for nothing!”

After hearing the news, Cheng Rui’s face was delighted at first, but he suddenly changed to a pitiful tone and said, “Grandfather, look at the Creation Master crest on my chest. I didn’t succeed in becoming the Moon Empress’ disciple.”

The elder looked at where Cheng Rui pointed and frowned. “The Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association has already created a commotion by giving you a title as a Class 2 Creation Master. You are also the No.1 Creation Master among the young generation, and you still failed?”

The elder then continued looking at the crest on Cheng Rui’s chest as he carried on talking. “Change your crest too, and wear a regular Class 2 Creation Master crest. I am your grandfather. Why are you making me your Master by wearing this crest? Finding a Master is to allow you to have one more reliance. Elder Du is rather nice to you. I will look for him later and see if he is willing to accept you as his disciple.”

Cheng Rui took down the crest on his chest embarrassedly. But after hearing his grandfather mention Elder Du, Cheng Rui’s face changed. If his grandfather looked for Elder Du, Elder Du would surely tell his grandfather of his actions in the Radiant Moon Palace. By then, he would definitely have to suffer a beating.

But now, Cheng Rui hated Lin Yuan to the extreme. He had a hot flash in his heart, while his eyes flickered before he said, “Grandfather, I didn’t get the preference of the Moon Empress in the Radiant Moon Palace mainly because Redbud City’s Lordess Ling Xiao brought a youth with her.”

Cheng Wu’s pupils contracted as he knew his grandson too well. If it was a matter of vengeance, Cheng Rui would have already taken revenge. Now that Cheng Rui was looking for him, it meant that he wasn’t able to resolve it and was looking for his help.

“What background does the youth have for Ling Xiao to bring him to the Radiant Moon Palace?”

Cheng Rui then spoke of the information that he had found out about Lin Yuan. It was rather easy to find information on Lin Yuan. Since Lin Yuan had registered as a Class 2 Creation Master

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