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Cold Moon responded by looking at Elder Du with her deep eyes and said, “It seems like Cheng Wu has really taken up a role in your Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association. It is such a huge matter, but why didn’t you announce it?”

Elder Du quickly replied, “Elder Cheng has only arrived at the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association recently. For the recent period of time, he doesn’t have any plans of becoming a Vice President. When Elder Cheng makes the decision, we will announce it.”

Cold Moon was rather surprised that Cheng Wu, a pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master, would actually choose to take the role as a Vice President in the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association, instead of being an honorary elder. But after slight contemplation, Cold Moon understood.

“That is true. Since he already knows that he doesn’t have a chance of becoming a Class 5 Creation Master, he should plan for the Cheng Family’s younger generation. But if this Cheng Rui is really talented, why would Cheng Wu allow Cheng Rui to form a contract with the source-type lifeform, Spine Gu?”

Cold Moon’s words were clear and cold, but when Elder Du heard them, he revealed an awkward expression and didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Lin Yuan didn’t really understand the conversation between Cold Moon and Elder Du, but he knew that it would be extremely inappropriate for him to suddenly seek clarification.

Who would have expected for Cold Moon to look at Lin Yuan and ask, “Lin Yuan, do you know what is the source-type lifeform, Spine Gu?”

Lin Yuan shook his head. Cold Moon could see the desire for an answer in Lin Yuan’s eyes, so she explained, “The Spine Gu is a source-type lifeform, and after forming a contract with it, it won’t be stored within the spiritual spatial zone like other feys. The Spine Gu will reside within the contractor’s spinal column and empty out one of the spine segments as its nest. Those who form contracts with the Spine Gu will damage their innate vitality. Therefore, Creation Masters who form contracts with the Spine Gu will never reach Class 5.”

Lin Yuan was flabbergasted and didn’t know that the Spine Gu was such a source-type lifeform. But it was rather understandable too, as his Red Thorn was also very special. However, Red Thorn’s special trait was its need for fresh blood when forming the contract, and that it didn’t follow a specific model, requiring the contractor to specify the evolution.

Red Thorn’s peculiarity allowed Lin Yuan to quickly accept the existence of a special source-type lifeform like the Spine Gu.

Seeing that Lin Yuan had already digested her information, Cold Moon continued talking, “The Spine Gu might damage the contractor’s innate vitality to a certain extent, but to Creation Masters, they are supreme treasures. The Spine Gu can rapidly synthesize massive amounts of spiritual ingredients that the contractor consumes and form a concentrated spirit fluid within the body. When conc

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