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The violent-tempered woman’s daughter was in a daze. She activated her spiritual energy, and the Tough Leaf Chrysanthemum was withdrawn back into her spiritual spatial zone without any obstruction. She was first pleasantly surprised but immediately widened her mouth in shock. “My Tough Leaf Chrysanthemum should be Bronze, but it is now Silver!”

Lin Yuan nodded. “This Tough Leaf Chrysanthemum has good potential. Its silver-grade ability has quite a good lethality, and when used together with the other abilities, it gives an overall boost. Next time, if you meet a Horn Demon again, your fey won’t suffer damage to its roots.”

The violent-tempered woman quickly bowed to Lin Yuan and constantly thanked him. She then took out the Revival Soil that she had prepared but was a little hesitant. “Master, previously, our agreement was 500 grams of Revival Soil. I have obtained more, and this bag has 600 grams. However, I didn’t prepare the fee for the evolution from Bronze to Silver. I wonder if you can spare me a few days…”

Lin Yuan took the Revival Soil and shook his hand. “100 grams of extra Revival Soil is enough for the compensation. Furthermore, I am the one that decided to evolve the Tough Leaf Chrysanthemum to Silver and didn’t ask for your opinions. As such, I don’t need extra compensation.”

This bag of Revival Soil wasn’t cheap, and because of the great benefits it had for plant-type feys, its price wasn’t any lower than gold-grade dragon beast blood. A bag of Revival Soil at 600 grams would probably require close to 300 Radiance dollars. This price might still be relatively lower for other Creation Masters to heal a Bronze fey’s roots, but it wasn’t ridiculously cheaper. Moreover, the violent-tempered woman must have used quite the effort to find this bag of Revival Soil.

After speaking, Lin Yuan didn’t give the violent-tempered woman and her daughter any chance to thank him as he took the Revival Soil and left the breeding room.

The violent-tempered woman’s daughter was completely engrossed in the joy of her fey’s recovery and evolution, but the violent-tempered woman’s eyes were moist again.

Living in the Royal Capital might look to be glamorous, but how could anyone know of the pressure and sorrow of an ordinary woman who had to support her daughter? After experiencing a harsh and cold of life, the violent-tempered woman had put on a mask. It was a hard mask to protect the soft insides.

But now, she felt a warm light that was peaceful and powerful. A young and talented Creation Master was actually so kind in nature. It was extremely praiseworthy.


When Lin Yuan left the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association and took just a few steps, someone called him from behind. Lin Yuan turned around and noticed that it was Elder Du that called him.

Elder Du was walking over quickly and laughed heartily as he said, “Leaving so soon? This card is for you. The next time you revisit the Royal Capital’s Creat

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