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In reaction to the mother’s and daughter’s display of emotions, Lin Yuan didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t adept at handling emotional moments. Therefore, he didn’t know how to deal with others’ bursts of emotions.

As such, he said, “Go to the rest lounge outside the breeding room first. It will take a little time. Once I heal the roots of the Tough Leaf Chrysanthemum, I will inform you to enter.”

The mother and daughter’s best consolation was to heal the Tough Leaf Chrysanthemum’s injured roots quickly.

When the violent-tempered woman heard Lin Yuan’s words, she quickly scratched her head and repeatedly thanked Lin Yuan. She then led her daughter to the rest lounge outside the breeding room.

Lin Yuan calmed his mind and circulated the spiritual power within his body to inject the spirit qi into this Tough Leaf Chrysanthemum, which was considered withered.

During the spirit qi circulation process, Lin Yuan could feel that his spirit qi circulation speed was several times faster.

When the Tough Leaf Chrysanthemum received healing from the spirit qi, it underwent an immediate transformation.

The first to recover was the rhizome, which was already withered. It was now rapidly growing white root structures.

In just a short moment, the white roots had already replaced the previously withered roots.

Lin Yuan used his hands to rub at the withered portion of the roots. They all started to fall off like a shattered layer of skin.

The Tough Leaf Chrysanthemum was constantly growing new flower petals too. Soon, all of the flower petals recovered too. However, the color of the petals was still rather pale.

Lin Yuan took a bottle of mountain spring water from the breeding room’s table and poured it on the roots. He then continued to circulate the spirit qi.

It took less than 20 minutes to recover the Tough Leaf Chrysanthemum’s injured roots. This time, Lin Yuan didn’t even use the Pure Land of Bliss to heal the Tough Leaf Chrysanthemum.

During the Class 2 Creation Master exam, Lin Yuan had taken two hours to recover the Bronze Shear Pincers Crab’s injured roots. That was when Lin Yuan had used Morbius’ exclusive skill, Pure Land of Bliss. If he hadn’t used the Pure Land of Bliss, he would have needed around four hours.

But now, Lin Yuan didn’t use the Pure Land of Bliss, yet he only used 20 minutes to heal the roots of a Bronze fey.

Using simple calculations, after promoting to a C-rank spirit qi professional, Lin Yuan’s speed of healing a Bronze fey was now faster by nearly ten times.

It might also be because Lin Yuan had purified his body’s impurities after drinking a bowl of Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar. Even if that was the case, after promoting to a C-rank spirit qi professional, Lin Yuan’s Creation Master capability underwent an overwhelming transformation.

Lin Yuan might still be slightly below the standard of a Class 3 Creation Master, but it wasn’t significant.


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