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Marquis Jing Shi had been truly influential in the Royal Capital back then. Plenty of king-class experts had met with setbacks from Marquis Jing Shi. With a Diamond X/Fantasy III, Desert Mad Lion, along with the old marquis backing him up, few of the same age dared to confront him.

Nonetheless, when the intolerably arrogant Marquis Jing Shi had had a few drinks in a banquet and spoken disrespectfully to Envoy Cold Moon, he had even started to provoke her in public. The result was having both his legs frozen to the bones, nearly shattering. It was truly pitiful.

Elder Du quickly replied, “Envoy Cold Moon, how would I dare to not teach him the rules of the Radiant Moon Palace? It is Cheng Rui who is slow-witted and didn’t learn them well. I will bring Cheng Rui back to give him a harsh lesson and teach him well on the rules of the Radiant Moon Palace.”

When Elder Du was speaking, his back was already drenched with cold sweat. As a Class 4 Creation Master, Elder Du believed that he was considered outstanding among the other Class 4 Creation Masters, however, he still had a very long way before he could reach the pinnacle of Class 4 Creation Master. As for Class 5 Creation Master, Elder Du didn’t even dare to think about that level from a Class 4 Creation Master’s perspective.

Even among king-class experts, his combat capability was far inferior to his own Creation Master capability. He was only barely a king-class expert, and his status was simply negligible in the Radiant Moon Palace. If he said something wrong, he might be crippled, and there was a chance that he might not even be thrown off the Leaning Moon Mountain.

Cold Moon seldom ventured out for the past dozen years, but her title as ‘Ironman Triathlon’ was still etched in many people’s memories due to the Marquis Jing Shi’s incident.

Ironman Triathlon didn’t refer to Cold Moon’s sports capability. It was her style of handling matters—iron wrist, iron fist, and an iron heart.

Cold Moon’s bone-chilling aura didn’t reduce, and all of a sudden, her eyes looked as though they appeared with a pair of whirling frost. Within a split moment, Elder Du felt as though he was being buried under a giant glacier. Elder Du was able to support Cheng Rui earlier, but now, even Elder Du was getting unsteady.

The blood color in Cheng Rui’s eyes had already scattered, and after sensing Elder Du shivering, he suddenly felt that he was at his wits’ end and lost all reliance. When Cheng Rui panicked, he yelled out with a sobbing tone, “My grandfather is Cheng Wu, a pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master!”

Cheng Rui yelled out very loudly as though he was trying to use his yells to give himself some courage.

When Cold Moon heard the statement, her emotionless face suddenly revealed a smile, and brilliance of frost immediately burst out.

As soon as Cheng Rui yelled out that his grandfather was Cheng Wu, Elder Du knew things weren’t going to end well.

In the Radiant Moon Pa

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