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Chapter 91: Apex Battle Between the Youth Generations

After Long Tao and Cheng Rui received instructions from their elders, they stepped forward and walked toward the platform.

As soon as they stood on the platform, one of the four female attendants that stood in the four corners of the palace hall stepped forward as well. The attendant arrived on the platform with a flash.

The female attendant looked around 30 years old, but she gave off a tender and delicate feeling.

“I am one of the Radiant Moon Palace’s tea attendants. My name is Cai Cha, and I am here to inform you that the treasure in the golden box is superior to the one in the gray box.” After speaking, she bowed to Cold Moon. Once Cold Moon nodded, Cai Cha withdrew to the platform’s side instead of the corner of the palace hall.

The platform had two boxes, one was gold, and the other was gray. Lin Yuan immediately saw Long Tao and Cheng Rui’s hands reaching toward the gold box.

At that moment, Long Tao’s spirit qi burst out and caused Cheng Rui to take a few steps back, allowing Long Tao to open the gold brocade box.

Once the gold box was opened, Lin Yuan could smell a refreshingly sweet smell. There was a light purple pearl within the box, and it was the size of a thumb.

It might be a light purple pearl, but it was emitting a mild purple light. The refreshingly sweet smell felt like it didn’t come from the pearl itself but from the mild light.

Next to the light purple pearl was an exquisite wooden token, and apart from these two things, there was nothing else.

Cai Cha, who was standing at the side, said, “This treasure is a pearl produced by the Diamond Purple Coral Shellfish. It is greatly beneficial for water-type feys, and there is a chance to help a water-type fey evolve.”

Cai Cha’s words caused Long Tao’s indifferent face to turn grave, and his breaths were heavier. His eyes were filled with extreme delight.

Lin Yuan looked at the light purple pearl, and involuntarily clicked his tongue. This wasn’t just a Diamond spiritual ingredient, but it was also a Diamond spiritual ingredient from the deep sea. Shellfish feys had another name—deep-sea treasure. It was because shellfish feys could produce pearls and only formidable individuals were qualified to explore the deep sea.

Just because of the danger level, the pearl produced by the Purple Coral Shellfish was considered a priceless treasure, let alone the astonishing effects of the Purple Coral Shellfish’s pearl.

Lin Yuan wasn’t able to estimate the price of the Purple Coral Shellfish’s pearl. However, just by looking at Ling Xiao’s envious eyes, he knew that the Purple Coral Shellfish’s pearl was very rare.

Long Tao held the Purple Coral Shellfish’s pearl in his hand and picked up the wooden token beside the pearl. The wooden token was carved with a small sword.

Cai Cha continued talking. “The wooden token is carved with a small sword and is the Radiant Moon Palace’s

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