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Lin Yuan noticed that his hand was white and slender, but it wasn’t feminine at all as the bone structure and lines were distinct in an appropriate way. When looking at his palm, it was white while blushing red, showing off the unique blood vessels that belonged on the palm.

Is this my hand?

Lin Yuan had always been on the path of a graceful person. When his excellent grace was combined with his sunshine-like appearance, he looked to be reliable, fresh, and tidy.

However, Lin Yuan’s hand wasn’t what it was right now. As an ordinary 18-year-old person, Lin Yuan developed calluses in his palms from all the hard work.

His body might have recovered after being able to sense spirit qi, but the skinny Lin Yuan wasn’t considered fit. Nonetheless, other than his hands, Lin Yuan realized that his body looked as though it was meticulously carved out right now.

Is this the strengthening effect of the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia’s nectar?

From the moment one’s parents gave birth to them, they would have their own unique gene model. During growth, the genes would develop flaws that would prevent a person from evolving toward the gene model.


The Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia’s nectar capability was to cleanse the body’s impurities and strengthen the foundation. The nectar’s energy compensated for the flaws within the body and allowed the body to evolve toward the flawless gene model.

After leaving the hot spring, the skin would automatically repel the water from the spring. His skin wasn’t exaggeratedly white, as it had a faint honey color.

Lin Yuan walked in front of the mirror and realized that he still looked the same in the mirror, but his looks were far more exquisite. He had a prominent youth’s gracefulness, and it was fused with the fragrance of plants and the warmth from the sun. It formed a truly remarkable aura.

Lin Yuan involuntarily gasped as he actually felt that the person within the mirror was really handsome. But after thinking that the person in the mirror was him, Lin Yuan quickly shook his head.

How can I be such a self-obsessed person!?

For the next few days, Lin Yuan enjoyed the spiritual ingredient delicacies the Moon Empress cooked in the Radiant Moon Palace. However, the Moon Empress didn’t let Lin Yuan know she was the one that cooked the food.

During the day time, the Moon Empress would call for Lin Yuan to visit the breeding room. She wouldn’t teach Lin Yuan anything special and would just allow Lin Yuan to watch as she evolved and enhanced feys.

Lin Yuan was watching seriously. Due to the methods the Moon Empress displayed and Genius’ shared knowledge, Lin Yuan discovered that the appropriate combination of spiritual ingredients could greatly aid the evolution of feys.

Lin Yuan’s method might be drastically different from regular Creation Masters, but it was still incredibly beneficial for Lin Yuan.

As Lin Yuan watched seriously, the Moon Empress was als

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