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Lin Yuan held the source-type Extreme Token tightly in his palm. He could immediately release the moonlight domain inside with a little force when he encountered danger.

In the Endless Forest this time, he did not let the source-type Source Sand create sand underground in large quantities.

If the Source Sand did so recklessly in the depths of the Endless Forest, it would attract the attention of the high-grade feys within.

Powerful feys even inhabited the land beneath the Endless Forest. If it created sand recklessly in such a natural environment in the wild, it would really be no different from having a death wish.

The Mother of Bloodbath had intended to rather sacrifice itself to protect Lin Yuan when facing danger. However, after knowing he had the Moon Empress’ Extreme Token, if it were to really fight with the Suzerain/Myth Breed fey, the Mother of Bloodbath would not need to worry about Lin Yuan’s safety anymore.

Perhaps, when Lin Yuan crushed the Extreme Token in the event of a perilous situation, he could protect himself and even save the Mother of Bloodbath.

At the same time, the Mother of Bloodbath told Lin Yuan to make his way there because he was now at best only a C-rank spirit qi professional, so his aura was very weak.

Moving in the depths of the Endless Forest would not attract that Suzerain/Myth II dark-type avian fey’s attention.

Before he could get close, Lin Yuan saw a nearly 30-meter-tall beautiful tree. It was not conspicuous in the Endless Forest’s depths, where the average tree height was 50 meters.

But when Lin Yuan saw what this tree looked like, he was shocked. He felt as if he was in a dreamy scene and saw a tree so beautiful that it felt dreamy.

This tree looked a bit like a banyan tree, but it had countless pink-and-purple hydrangea-like flowers unlike a banyan tree. Each of these hydrangea-like flowers was made up of small flowers.

The pink-purple color gently clumped together and blossomed among the tree branches.

The tree branches were draped with many vines that were covered with bunches of flowers formed by hydrangeas and emitted a lustrous pink-purple glow.

At that moment, a not-so-small triangular hole emerged on the tree trunk. This hole looked as if it had been pecked through hard by a bird’s beak. Dark-type energy was slowly eroding the tree trunk on the hole. The center of the trunk where the tree core was had also been hollowed.

Although this plant Suzerain/Myth Breed fey was rapidly condensing vitality, trying to fill in the wound on the trunk and the tree core that had been taken away, the dark-type energy and the vitality attempting to fill in the hole caused a mutual erosive effect.

A woman clad in a pink-and-purple silk dress was covering her heart under the tree with these pink-purple hydrangea-like flowers. She angrily looked at the middle-aged man in the air, who was holding an emerald-green crystal tree core.

Lin Yuan could sense a

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