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Chapter 308: Repayment With Life

A Protector and a Path Protector were completely different.

The Path Protector was a role that was a combination of a guardian and a teacher. However, a Protector would be the same as vowing loyalty, like a retainer knight.

If retainer knights was a spirit qi professional vowing loyalty to a Creation Master, then a Protector would be a human or fey that possessed a Willpower Rune and vowing their loyalty to a spirit qi professional.

There might be a difference between Protectors and Path Protectors, but their relationships with a spirit qi professional were almost the same. They formed the contract with Law Runes, and it was firm and reliable.

When the Mother of Bloodbath saw Endless Summer vowing an oath, she didn’t feel there was anything strange. After all, such help during the World Cleansing was the same as saving a life. It was already sufficient for a fey to repay with their life.

Lin Yuan might have already decided to create his own guild club, but he was constantly thinking toward this idea of a private faction but didn’t take any action.

Firstly, it was because the Floating Island Whale had yet to become a Fantasy Breed, allowing it to become a giant floating island that could support the entire faction. The other reason would be the lack of experts.

If Lin Yuan wanted to build his own private faction, apart from being able to produce popular items like the Flower Brocade Pearls and completely jade-textured wood, he would also need a martial force so powerful that it would deter others.

The Moon Empress might be Lin Yuan’s master, but he didn’t wish to rely on her to create his faction. If Lin Yuan relied on the Moon Empress to develop his faction, his faction would just be the Radiant Moon Palace’s vassal in the eyes of others.

As Lin Yuan’s Path Protector, the Mother of Bloodbath might be a pinnacle expert that could support a private faction, however, it was Lin Yuan’s Path Protector and not a member of his private faction. Therefore, Lin Yuan was still hesitant.

But now, Lin Yuan’s previous worries were no longer existent. With Endless Summer, a Suzerain/Myth III fey, vowing her loyalty to him, Lin Yuan’s private faction would be able to dominate in terms of martial strength.

The palace-robed Endless Summer walked to Lin Yuan’s side and made a delicate bow. The benevolent and gentle voice echoed beside Lin Yuan’s ears again.

“Lin Yuan, I will be your Protector from now on. I shall humbly take on your orders.”

Lin Yuan wasn’t sure what to do for a moment. Endless Summer was now a Suzerain/Myth III fey and was considered an absolute expert in this generation. But when Endless Summer suddenly vowed loyalty, Lin Yuan truly didn’t know how he should address Endless Summer.

The Mother of Bloodbath saw the situation and said to Lin Yuan seriously, “For a fey, the World Cleansing is the same as struggling against heaven. You saved her, she vowed

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